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Five Songs Banned From Republican Campaigns

Scott Walker was recently asked not to use music by the Dropkick Murpheys. Funny that other groups asking not to have their music used were all upset by Republicans. Please “like” Liberaland on Facebook  Now read this:Scott Walker Declares War On Education (Jan 29, 2015) Group To Scott Walker: ‘Stop Using Our Music…We Literally Hate […]

GOP Civil War

It looks like, having dodged the bullet and won his third term as Speaker of the House, John Boehner is going to be doing some House cleaning. And on the short list of clutter to be marginalized are the hardcore Tea Baggers who tried to oust him on inauguration day. I’m half-heartedly cheering for John […]

According to the article by Kevin Cirilli, Pope Francis “is increasingly driving a wedge between conservatives and the Catholic Church.
” Francis’s agenda, which also includes calls to address income inequality and limit climate change, is putting him at odds with Republicans, including GOP Catholics in the United States. Hours after President Obama announced moves to […]

When they start pontificating about how horrible Obummer is and how he is shredding the Constitution. here are a few things to point out. Obama’s executive action is not permanent and only helps people with long-standing ties to the United States. Obama’s executive action stresses border security and the deportation of criminal immigrants. Obama acted […]

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was speaking at a Republican field office in Michigan in a predominately African-American neighborhood. The weakness, Paul added, is particularly serious when it comes to appealing to black voters. “Remember Domino’s Pizza? They admitted, ‘Hey, our pizza crust sucks.’ The Republican Party brand sucks and so people don’t want to be […]

Or maybe not. At the very least, the latest ad from the Republican National Committee is designed to scare the pants off nearsighted, mouth-breathing ignoramuses who are utterly clueless about what’s happening in the world and whether President Obama is legitimately to blame for all of it. And just in time for Halloween. The ad […]

Taegan Goddard reveals the secret place Republicans go to learn how to deal with the media. The school is a reaction to the high-profile crises the GOP has inflicted upon itself in recent years—from Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comment to Christine O’Donnell’s “I am not a witch” ad—and party officials are determined not to repeat […]

As part of our ongoing exposé of the “Republicans Are People Too” ad’s comical use of photos featuring people who aren’t actually identifiable as Republicans, we came across a very interesting source for the ad’s gay Republicans, and if you guess “stock photo,” you’d be wrong. On Tuesday, we highlighted the ad’s “Republicans Are Black” […]

A group of professional pranksters is at it again in America’s Dairyland. A group once known as “Operation Burn Notice,” headed by such folks as automobile repair store owner Matt Leppard, unemployed live-at-home Chris Heather, Arizona agitator in absentia Robin Causey and many of the same names we came to love during the 2011 effort […]

Susie Madrak picks up on Thomas Frank’s Salon piece that properly rips the Democratic Party. Shorter version: they don’t stand for anything. …data-minded commentator like Nate Cohn is able to look out over the blasted moonscape of Appalachia and conclude that a party of the left has nothing it might conceivably offer the people there. […]

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