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We Aren’t Polarized

We Aren’t Polarized

It is an article of faith among pundits that we are a deeply polarized nation.  Matthew Dickinson explains that it simply isn’t true; it just seems that way: …most of the evidence used to support this claim does not show a process of polarization, as commonly understood. Instead, it shows a process of party sorting. [...]

Will Congress Send Us Back To The Dark Ages?

A Republican budget that passed the House in April would slash critical infrastructure investments by $51 billion if enacted. The effect on our crumbling infrastructure would be disastrous. As bad as that is, that’s not the worst of it. If long-overdue improvements to the nation’s electric power grid are not made, life as we know [...]

Hillary Clinton Gives Signed Book To Republican Squirrel

Hillary Clinton Meets The Republican Squirrel, Responds In The Best Way Ever (via FreakOutNation) A Republican National Committee intern, dressed in a Squirrel costume, has been stalking Hillary Clinton while she’s on her book tour. On Tuesday, the former Secretary of State walked up to the intern and said while handing him a copy of [...]

Meet The Republican Senators Who Are The Defense Contractors’ Best Friends

The two Senators most outraged and openly aghast at every foreign policy decision made by President Obama are Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and John McCain (R-AZ).  With Eric Cantor’s stunning loss on June 10th, many suspected Graham would face the same demise, but he actually fared very well.  Perhaps because he’s a very good friend to the [...]

Gay Republican Group GoProud Shutting Down

‘Gay Republican’ Group GOProud Shutting Down (via Breitbart Unmasked) GOProud, the gay conservative organization that once boasted Andrew Breitbart on its advisory board, is folding its tent. Continued resistance from other conservative groups, and group founder Jimmy LaSalvia’s very public split with the GOP in January… Now read this:Vikings Won’t Release Report On If Kluwe [...]

Look Who’s Leading The Republicans

Via Occupy Democrats Now read this:Now Even The GOP Are Calling Tea Partiers Racists! (Jul 19, 2014) Akin Bad: GOP’s ‘Legitimate Rape’ Poster Boy Gives Long Rapey Interview (Jul 17, 2014) Woman Finds Stack Of ‘Lewinsky’ Bumper Stickers At GOP Office Attacking Hillary For Her Husband’s Affair (Jul 11, 2014) Cleveland Gets 2016 GOP Convention [...]

Duck Dynasty Star To Speak At Republican ‘Leadership’ Conference

Try Not To Laugh: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star To Speak At Republican Leadership Conference (via FreakOutNation) Phil Robertson, the “Duck Dynasty” star will speak at the Republican Leadership Conference on Thursday,  according to the Republican National Committee. I suppose Cliven Bundy wasn’t available since he abandoned the Republican Party today and… Now read this:Brooklyn Bridge Mystery: American [...]

Republicans don’t like government, and they run on the idea that government is bad.   Those who decry the whole idea of government are hardly suited to take the reins and lead a nation, even when they inherit a budget surplus with a sound and prosperous economy.  After the Supreme Court decided in favor of the Republican candidate in Bush v Gore ,  Americans became tolerant of sub [...]

The GOP’s Favorite Constituency

You see it in the Roberts Court.  And as Corey Robin points out, you are seeing it in state legislature after state legislature across the country: In 2010, the Republicans won control of the executive and legislative branches in 11 states (there are now more than 20 such states). Inspired by business groups like the [...]

Seven Democrats Vote With Republicans To Establish Benghazi Select Committee

Why are these people Democrats? Really. They want a select committee, yes another committee to look into Benghazi. It is nothing more than a political witch hunt. The House voted 232-186 to approve the panel. The vote breakdown was 225 Republicans and 7 Democrats in favor, with 186 Democrats voting against the measure. The vote [...]

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