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Rick Perry: ‘Running For The Presidency Is Not An IQ Test’

Welcome to the world of low expectations. “Perry’s moving out of the governor’s mansion in January,” when his term ends, says MSNBC political correspondent, “but in the meantime, he’s hosting top donors and supporters here for dinners to give them a sense of what his political future might be.” “I think over the course of […]

A Texas judge wouldn’t toss two felony cases against Texas Governor Rick Perry for abuse of power. The governor’s defense team had sought to have the matter thrown out, arguing that the special prosecutor, Michael McCrum, wasn’t properly sworn in and some paperwork wasn’t correctly filed. But a written ruling from District Judge Bert Richardson, […]

Gov Rick Perry joins the list of Republicans who have no idea what Net Neutrality is, but they do know that President Obama is for it so they are against it. For the record: the Internet was not around during the Great Depression, but the Texas Governor is going with that and a few other […]

That must mean it will be a governor. Hmmm, I wonder which one he has mind. Perry, speaking to Brietbart News in an interview published Sunday, had just finished an extensive rebuke of the leadership of President Barack Obama – a former senator from Illinois – when he was asked whether he believed another senator […]

Texas Gov. Rick Perry appeared in court Thursday for the first hearing on two felony abuse of power charges. Lawyers for the Republican once (and possible future) presidential candidate pushed for the case, which stems from an indictment handed down by an Austin grand jury in August, to be dismissed on technicalities, the Associated Press […]

The first independent audit of the Texas Enterprise Fund concluded in the 98-page report by the state auditor that Governor Rick Perry’s job-creating fund awarded $222 million — almost half the money granted — to entities that never submitted applications or specific promises to create jobs. The  report was released to lawmakers on Thursday. Dallas […]

Gov. Rick Perry (R-Oops) sank to a new low, both intellectually and morally, when he tried to rob Joan Rivers’ grave to pimp his anti-abortion law. During a Q&A session at the Texas Tribune Festival, Perry was asked why he had supported and signed Texas HB2, a measure that forced most abortion care providers in the […]

Whatever works to appeal to the far-right anti-abortion crowd, right? Rick Perry has suggested that Joan Rivers might still be alive had the clinic where her botched endoscopy was performed been held to the same stringent standards required under his controversial abortion law. “It was interesting that, when Joan Rivers, and the procedure that she […]

Texas Governor Rick Perry quickly deleted a Tweet where he referred to a district attorney as “the most drunk Democrat in Texas.” A picture of Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, modeled after Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World” ad campaign, was tweeted from the verified “@GovernorPerry” account on Sunday. “I don’t always […]

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s indictment on felony corruption charges means he can no longer carry a concealed weapon under state law. Federal law also prohibits him from being able to buy more guns or ammunition, as long as the indictment is pending, Reuters reported. The 2016 GOP presidential hopeful is an avid gun rights supporter […]

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