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Rob Ford Diagnosed With ‘Aggressive’ Abdominal Cancer

The Toronto mayor has severe health problems. He was diagnosed with a form of cancer called pleomorphic liposarcoma and a “rare” and “difficult” tumor in his abdomen. Cohen said that the tumor, which measures 12 by 12 centimeters, is not affecting any of Ford’s major organs, the Globe and Mail reports. Doctors also found a second [...]

Here is a statement from Humber River Hospital. Earlier today Mayor Rob Ford attended Humber River Hospital’s Church Street Emergency Department, complaining of abdominal pains that have persisted for at least three months and have become worse in the last 24 hours. Examination and investigation has resulted in a working diagnosis of a tumor. The [...]

Mike Tyson was in Canada and showing support for embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and the host wanted to know if a Tyson endorsement would really help the mayor. ‘We know you’re a convicted rapist — this could actually hurt his campaign,’” said anchor Nathan Downer, and asked Tyson — who served three years in [...]

Alec Baldwin has flirted with becoming a real mayor but, before that happens, he’s likely to become a fictional one. He is developing a television series where he’d play a Rob Ford-type mayor of New York City. Ford is the buffoonish Toronto, Ontario mayor who has had his troubles with the crack pipe and behaves outlandishly [...]

Being well-behaved in therapy would be a good thing for a mayor who is not well-behaved when he is not in therapy and mayoring. But it’s unclear how much more mayoring Rob Ford will be able to do. // Now read this:White House Intruder Was Tackled By Off-Duty Agent (Sep 30, 2014) Man With Implanted [...]

“Trade in your Ford for a Benz” says porn star Nikki Benz. [Nikki] Benz is from the same Toronto borough as the Ford brothers, but, unlike her opponent, she doesn’t smoke crack. Also unlike her opponent, she’s starred in 217 adult films and was Penthouse’s 2011 Pet of the Year. But don’t let her impressive [...]

The embattled mayor will take time off for alcohol abuse. Ford said he is taking a break from his re-election campaign to seek help for alcohol abuse — hours after a local newspaper reported on a new video that allegedly shows him smoking crack cocaine. “It’s not easy to be vulnerable and this is one [...]

Rob Ford didn’t mean to vote against honoring Toronto’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes, so he asked to have the vote reopened so he could change his vote. The Toronto mayor on Wednesday cast the sole “no” vote on a City Council motion to offer the athletes kudos. Minutes earlier, he also was the only council [...]

A dominatrix hopes to whip Rob Ford in this year’s election for Toronto mayor. One of the city’s top fetish queens is planning on whipping its administration into shape by challenging Ford for the mayoralty. Carlie Ritch – known to her clients as Mizz Barbie Bitch – is a professional dominatrix and believes she can [...]

Rob Ford Drunk Again?

This video, supposedly taken this week, shows Toronto Mayor Rob Ford intoxicated and swearing in Jamaican. Now read this:Rick Perry Apologizes, Deletes Tweet About ‘Drunk’ DA (Sep 1, 2014) Fighter Jets Chase Inebriated Passengers (Aug 28, 2014) Math Teacher Shows Up Drunk And Keeps Drinking (Aug 15, 2014) Drunk, He Accidentally Kills Cousin With Sawed-Off [...]

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