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Ron Paul: So What?

Ron Paul: So What?

Ron Paul asks what difference does it make to us that Crimea is now officially part of Russia. What’s the big deal? Opponents of the Crimea vote like to point to the illegality of the referendum. But self-determination is a centerpiece of international law. Article I of the United Nations Charter points out clearly that […]

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Ron Paul: Putin Has ‘Law On His Side’

Ron Paul says Vladimir Putin is in the right, with the law on his side in invading Crimea. Paul said that the United States and the West have engaged in hypocrisy and alleged that they participated in the overthrow of Viktor Yanukovich’s government. He added that Russian President Vladimir Putin has “some law on his […]

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Now The Fight Back Against ‘Fight Back’

Maybe all the cool kids on the internet jumped on the ‘Fight Back’ bandwagon Tuesday but not everyone is a fan. Former RWNJ (by his own admission) and current Glenn Greenwald antagonist Charles Johnson mocks the whole idea with Left Wing Libertarians Join Forces With Far Right Ron Paulians to Complain About the NSA . […]

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Why One Man Went From Libertarian To Liberal

Writer Edwin Lyngar explains why he went from being a Libertarian to a Liberal. I came by my own libertarian sensibilities honestly. I grew up in a mining town that produced gold, silver and copper; but above all, Battle Mountain, Nev. made libertarians. Raised on 40-acre square of brown sage brush and dead earth, we […]

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Because you may not want to lay out $9.95 per month to watch Ron Paul expound on the evils of anything not nailed down, we bring you a sampling of the elder libertarian’s spine-abrading wisdom, free of charge. How do we do this? Oh, we don’t have to. The Ron Paul Channel is here. And […]

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Are Constituents Turning On Their Elected Tea Party Reps?

The answer appears to be yes. The shutdown, if this story is any indication, is starting to backfire on at least a few members of the House of Representatives’ small Tea Party minority as key constituents grow frustrated with their sabotage of governance: [I]n the Dutch Reformed country of West Michigan, long a bastion of […]

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