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Ron Paul: Republican Senate Means ‘Expanded Neocon Wars’

Former congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul Tweeted out his reaction to the Republican Senate takeover. Republican control of the Senate = expanded neocon wars in Syria and Iraq. Boots on the ground are coming! — Ron Paul (@RonPaul) November 5, 2014 Now read this:Landrieu: ‘Oh Lord, No’ (Dec 11, 2014) Republicans Have The KKK […]

The Weak In Review

As we are a month away from the mid-term elections, the rhetoric from Wingnuttia has dialed up to 11 and the media is along for the ride of their lives. Let’s investigate and see what we learn! Schroedinger’s Candidate Rand Paul has made the Texas’s Ebola outbreak his alarm this week, and being a doctor he […]

Ron Paul appeared on my radio show Wednesday night and we discussed, among other things, how anti-war Democrats are now suddenly supporting war for the sake of getting reelected. COLMES: Your son Rand Paul was one of the few people to vote against arming the oppositions in Syria, because we know that those weapons are […]

Rand And Ron Disagree On ISIS

Ron Paul is sticking to his Libertarian roots, while Rand Paul is veering away from his dad’s views on ISIS. Ron Paul, the former Republican congressman from Texas, tells U.S. News he would “definitely not” vote to give President Barack Obama authority to wage war against the jihadi militants. Fighting the group, he says, “will just […]

Former Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul believes what the government knew about 9/11 before the tragedy is being kept secret in a classified part of the 9/11 commission report. When the host of Money and Markets, Charles Goyette, recently said that it is “shocking that the American people are prohibited from knowing the whole […]

After former Iowa state senatorKent Sorenson pleaded guilty in federal court to crimes related to accepting payment from a presidential campaign during Iowa’s 2012 presidential caucus, Mitch McConnell’s campaign manager has resigned. Jesse Benton, the campaign manager for U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, denied complicity in the scandal and blamed “inaccurate press accounts and […]

A former Iowa state senator has pleaded guilty in federal court to crimes related to accepting payment from a presidential campaign during Iowa’s 2012 presidential caucus campaign in which he switched his support from one candidate to another. Kent Sorenson concealed payments he received from then-U.S. Rep. Ron Paul’s presidential campaign and then obstructed the […]

Ron Paul believes the United States government isn’t leveling with us on what happened with downed Malaysian Airline Flight 17, saying it “knows a lot more.” In an Aug. 7 post to the site Voices of Liberty, Paul suggests that the U.S. may be aware of evidence that Russia is not to blame for the plane […]

The Libertarian Moment?

Sunday’s New York Times Magazine has a feature story on the libertarian movement, suggesting it’s more popular now than ever. (h/t Political Wire) Libertarians, who long have relished their role as acerbic sideline critics of American political theater, now find themselves and their movement thrust into the middle of it. For decades their ideas have […]

And what better vehicle than an Ayn rand one? The three-time presidential candidate will make his acting debut in “Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt?,” the third installment of the films based on Ayn Rand’s novel. “Atlas Shrugged is a fantastic book, but it’s much more than a story – it’s a philosophy,” Paul told […]

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