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Klayman Takes Time Out From Calling Obama Muslim To Sue Hillary

When we last visited Larry Klayman, he was busy organizing an effort to “take Obama alive for using Ebola as a weapon against whites.” He’s been a busy boy! The Hill reports: The civil suit, filed Wednesday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, argues that Clinton used her private emails […]

Cliff Kincaid had this to say on on the End Times radio show. “We’ve got somebody in the White House who effectively, peace be upon him, acts like a Muslim and a Marxist the same time,” Kincaid told host Rick Wiles, before calling Secretary of State John Kerry “an agent of Hanoi” who is just […]

He, of course, believes the president will leave as planned, but can’t discount a power grab from a lawless president. “[W]hy do we assume Obama will step aside willingly from the presidency following an election in 2016?” Farah asks in a column [Friday]. “I’m not saying he won’t. I’m just asking why.” Farah then goes […]

Can’t we just go back to when wingnuts said it was personal choice? …on “Generations Radio,” Religious Right pundit Kevin Swanson repeated his criticisms of the Girl Scouts, which he previously said is a “wicked” organization that is turning young girls into lesbian communists. “Please, I beg of you, do not buy Girl Scout cookies,” […]

While they’re at it, shouldn’t that also include white men? Dana Loesch found herself once again leading the poor, downtrodden, picked on conservative Christians’ bandwagon at this year’s CPAC. You’ve just gotta’ love the entire premise of this panel — which included right wing columnist Cal Thomas, right wing hate talker Dana Loesch, hate group, […]

Even Peter King can’t stand what his party is doing. King said [Friday] that he’s incredibly frustrated with the “self-righteous, delusional” wing of his party that may shut down the Department of Homeland Security because they’re “obsessed” with stopping President Obama‘s immigration action. King appeared on MSNBC’s online platform Shift to tell Luke Russert that […]

OXON HILL, Md. — The Conservative Political Action Conference, which is scheduled to feature a parade of potential Republican presidential candidates testing their messages and their appeal to thousands of party activists from all over the country, began Wednesday and continues through Saturday. McClatchy sat down with Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union, […]

Georgia Congressman Barry Loudermilk says Republicans looked into arresting the Attorney General of the United States during the president’s State of the Union Address. “There was a discussion before the State of the Union of, because of holding Eric Holder in contempt, what role will the House play if he shows up on the House […]

They should have known better than to open themselves up to this. Have a question for a speaker for any of the sessions? Use our hashtag, #CPACQ, to send in your question. #CPAC2015 pic.twitter.com/tJiJ6dkWC3 — CPAC (@CPACnews) February 26, 2015 Why do open carry laws not seem to apply to black people? #CPACQ — Dan […]

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) began in earnest on Wednesday, so get ready for the usual conga-line of YouTube videos featuring various guest speakers saying obnoxious things. It’s an annual tradition: members of Congress as well as characters from the conservative entertainment complex gather together to troll both liberals and Normals with their special […]

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