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Sarah Palin’s Lastest Video: A Word-Salady, Incoherent Response To Elizabeth Warren

  Not too long ago, progressive bloggers and activists gathered for the annual Netroots Nation convention and the premiere speaker at this year’s event was Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), an early left-wing favorite in the forthcoming 2016 presidential contest. In her speech, Warren listed 11 “commandments” or tenets of progressivism — 11 positions progressives ought [...]

There are no words to describe the mind of Bryan Fischer, and so Karoli lets him speak for himself. My thesaurus is wearing thin on adjectives to describe hate-filled pseudo-Christians like Bryan Fischer, but my aggravation is going full-tilt over the fact that he makes these statements on the taxpayers’ dime. Isn’t there a time [...]

Horowitz also blasts Republicans who, he says “haven’t got the balls to fight” and “we need gutter fights.” Given his language, he is clearly familiar with the gutter. The Jew-hating bitch Pelosi calls Hamas “humanitarian” because the Qataris –Hamas’s chief funders say so. http://t.co/tmBenc6Xkq — David Horowitz (@horowitz39) July 30, 2014 Now read this:Holy Shit! [...]

It wasn’t that long ago. In fact, it was as recent as 2014. Via Steve Marmel: Now read this:Cliven Bundy’s Son Pulls His 5 Kids From School Because They Can’t Carry Weapons (Aug 29, 2014) Wall Street Banks Propping Up Putin (Aug 19, 2014) Cliven Bundy: God Warned Me Of Civil War (Aug 4, 2014) [...]

There’s a group of people, who cannot come to terms with the idea that their legitimately elected president is black, no matter what the factual evidence states.  These curious victims truly believe everything about President Barack Obama is illegitimate, tyrannical and unconstitutional in their view. The latest fresh horror I encountered on Twitter? The hashtag WAAR, [...]

Steve Marmel has following the story of the militiaman who continually threatened President Obama on Facebook, and was reinstated each time. Now, Everest Wilhelmsen is using Twitter to spread his hate, and Marmel has a step-by-step guide about what you can do about it. Now read this:Republican Congressman Expresses Anger About Obama’s Tan Suit (Aug [...]

He’s only asking. It’s not like he’s saying it. That makes it okay. What if it was true? Here goes. WHAT IF the President really did provide a fake birth certificate? What if He received aid as a foreign student? What if the President really was on the side of the Muslims? WHAT IF the [...]

// Now read this:9 Whole People Attend Constitution Coalition’s Seminar In Maine, Mostly Militia Members (Jul 27, 2014) ‘Three Percenter’ Mike Vanderboegh: Enforce Laws And Somebody Is Going To Get Shot (Jul 15, 2014) Cliven Bundy’s Son Facing Arrest In Separate Criminal Case (Jul 14, 2014) Militias Set Up Operations At Texas Border While Leader’s [...]

They’ve put a little Obama doll in the latrines. It shows how wonderful these people are. At least White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer knew how to deal with it. @samsteinhp @igorbobic Totally uncalled for: Those ears are huge — Dan Pfeiffer (@pfeiffer44) June 20, 2014 Now read this:Get A Grip, Dick! (Aug 23, 2014) [...]

President Obama chewed gum at D-Day ceremonies in France, and so he must be impeached! Even worser, the walking nicotine-addicted shamebucket that is our putative President also insulted our British allies by openly masticating in public while applauding the arrival of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II. It is not known whether any corgis were [...]

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