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Remember When Vladimir Putin Was The Right-Wing’s Favorite World Leader?

Remember When Vladimir Putin Was The Right-Wing’s Favorite World Leader?

It wasn’t that long ago. In fact, it was as recent as 2014. Via Steve Marmel: Now read this:Steven Seagal Kicked Out Of Music Festival Over Bromance With Putin (Jul 21, 2014) President Obama On Russia: ‘What Are They Trying To Hide?’ (Jul 21, 2014) Vladimir Putin Action Figure (Jul 20, 2014) Russian Government Caught [...]

Always Playing The Victim: #WAAR Claims Republicans Are All Refugees

There’s a group of people, who cannot come to terms with the idea that their legitimately elected president is black, no matter what the factual evidence states.  These curious victims truly believe everything about President Barack Obama is illegitimate, tyrannical and unconstitutional in their view. The latest fresh horror I encountered on Twitter? The hashtag WAAR, [...]

.@Marmel: How To Fight Back Against RWNJ Threatening Obama On Twitter

Steve Marmel has following the story of the militiaman who continually threatened President Obama on Facebook, and was reinstated each time. Now, Everest Wilhelmsen is using Twitter to spread his hate, and Marmel has a step-by-step guide about what you can do about it. Now read this:Israel PM Buys Pro-Israeli Tweets (Jul 22, 2014) Boehner’s [...]

Daubenmire Just Asking: What IF Jews Ran The Media And Obama Is On The Muslim Side?

He’s only asking. It’s not like he’s saying it. That makes it okay. What if it was true? Here goes. WHAT IF the President really did provide a fake birth certificate? What if He received aid as a foreign student? What if the President really was on the side of the Muslims? WHAT IF the [...]

SPLC’s Bundy Ranch Report: ‘A Highly Coordinated Effort By Far-Right Militiamen’

// Now read this:‘Three Percenter’ Mike Vanderboegh: Enforce Laws And Somebody Is Going To Get Shot (Jul 15, 2014) Cliven Bundy’s Son Facing Arrest In Separate Criminal Case (Jul 14, 2014) Militias Set Up Operations At Texas Border While Leader’s Background Emerges (Jul 10, 2014) Militia Man Who Threatens Obama On Facebook Keeps Returning (Jul [...]

Classy: At Faith And Freedom Conference They’re Peeing On President Obama

They’ve put a little Obama doll in the latrines. It shows how wonderful these people are. At least White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer knew how to deal with it. @samsteinhp @igorbobic Totally uncalled for: Those ears are huge — Dan Pfeiffer (@pfeiffer44) June 20, 2014 Now read this:Eric Holder’s Racial Animus Claim Enrages The [...]

RWNJ’s Outraged That Obama Masticated In Public

President Obama chewed gum at D-Day ceremonies in France, and so he must be impeached! Even worser, the walking nicotine-addicted shamebucket that is our putative President also insulted our British allies by openly masticating in public while applauding the arrival of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II. It is not known whether any corgis were [...]

Wingnuts Rant About Things They Don’t Understand, Part 10,568

Bob Bergdahl, the father of  U.S. soldier Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl (recently-released  after five years as a Taliban prisoner), might just have some empathy with families whose loved ones have been locked up in Guantanamo Bay for well over a decade. Sunday evening, Mr. Bergdahl tweeted a link to a Guardian video of family members urging the [...]

Todd Kincannon = Baby With Razor Blade

Would you knowingly hand a straight-edged razor blade to a baby? Of course not. And you don’t need to have the reasons explained to you. You just wouldn’t. For much the same reasons, Todd Kincannon, the former Executive Director of the South Carolina Republican Party should not be allowed to have a Twitter account. I [...]

RWNJ Wants Obama Arrested For ‘Mass Murder Of American Citizens’

Yeah, this is just what the right needs to get more Republicans in office: a plan to arrest the president. After all, last week’s event to march him out of office worked out real well. William Gheen of Americans For Legal Immigration PAC has a new plan for stopping immigration reform: convincing “some judges” and [...]

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