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Bristol Palin And The Culture Of White Violence

Since initial reports of a “dogpile” brawl involving members of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin’s family emerged last week via Amanda Coyne, nobody has been fleshing out the details of the incident like TPM‘s tireless Josh Marshall. And he has spoken to yet another witness who is saying that Bristol Palin went medieval with her [...]

Sarah Palin was photographed while running errands in Anchorage, Alaska on Monday for the first time since the scandal broke of her family’s involvement in a drunken brawl. Her middle finger appears to be giving us a sign, whether accidentally or otherwise. Her wedding ring seems to be off of her finger, but perhaps she [...]

We haven’t heard anything from the half-term Governor of Alaska about the brawl she and her family were reportedly involved in last weekend, but now a source close to them has relayed his or her side of the story via Real Clear Politics journalist and Palin biographer Scott Conroy. On Twitter, Conroy tweeted that a [...]

Eric Thompson witnessed the brawl over the weekend at a party in Anchorage that involved the Palin family, and now he’s been fired from his job for his interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America.” I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that any videos taken of the white-on-white violence will not [...]

Alaska Governor-resignee Sarah Palin further cemented her status as the Yo Yo Ma of Stupid on Thursday night’s Hannity program, where she delivered a virtuoso performance of such achingly beautiful idiocy that all the Stooges in heaven could but weep. Aside from asserting that the president should be taking speech suggestions from ISIS, Palin also delivered what [...]

Speech expert Sarah Palin has weighed in on President Obama’s speech on his ISIS strategy. Spoiler: she didn’t like it. Palin call[ed him] “arrogant.” She looked at the camera and said she “owe[s] America a global apology” for John McCain losing the 2008 election to Obama. Palin (presumably as far away from any snowmobile parties [...]

Sarah, Todd, Track, Bristol,Willow and even Tripp Palin were in attendance at a party which turned into a brawl. According to multiple sources,  Track Palin spotted an ex-boyfriend of Willow’s, whose name is Corey, and from there, somehow most of the Palin family got involved. In order to get a complete picture of this story, you [...]

We can safely call it “The Summit of Stupid.” To celebrate the Labor Day weekend, the Duck Dynasty cast traveled to Alaska for a very special cook-out with Sarah Palin and her family. Naturally, when such a gathering of unrivaled brain-power occurs, it only makes sense to capture the event on video for posterity. That’s [...]

Have you ever stopped and said to yourself, “You know, with all the things going on in my life right now, I wonder what Sarah Palin thinks about the Redskins controversy?” Don’t worry, I’m here with the answer you never wanted, for the question you never asked. Recall that this whole thing sparked when someone, [...]

For the first time ever, a video of Sarah Palin is funny for the right reasons. Normally, we find ourselves laughing at a Sarah Palin video because she either hilariously bungles a softball question; or because she can’t describe the duties of the office for which she’s running; or because she totally botches a major [...]

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