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Palin At CPAC Effectively Eliminates Herself From Presidential Contention

Sarah Palin told the CPAC 2015 audience that “honorable” presidential candidates should spend some time serving in our military. I guess that leaves her and the rest of the GOP field out of the running. Sarah Palin: No current Republican candidates are qualified to be president – and neither am I: Former Alaska Gov. Sarah […]

She also advised said heckler to “get a job.” If the advice was to keep one, it would have to be, “Do as I say, not as I do.” Sarah — who braved the cold sans coat to show off her duds — alternated between taking selfies and dishing out insults. Some of her critics […]

Nugent spoke to radio host Lars Larson. “She is my hero,” Nugent said of the former half-term Alaska governor. “Sarah Palin is the perfect example of what our Founding Fathers envisioned for an experiment in self-government.” Nugent was especially impressed by Palin’s decision to resign midway through her first term as governor: “She quit because […]

Sarah Palin’s teleprompter went out during her “most epic” speech. The sad part is that you couldn’t tell the difference. She has an opportunity to achieve her speaking bona fides when CPAC convenes later this month. Palin will join a who’s who cast of conservatives, including a slew of presidential hopefuls. Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, […]

Sarah Palin is urging her Facebook followers to contact their state legislators to limit a “government gone wild.” By calling a Convention of the States, average citizens can stop the federal spending spree, power grabs, and other abuses by proposing amendments to rein in the federal government,” Palin said. She directed her social media followers […]

The Arizona senator says he’ll “absolutely” have her campaign with him when he sees reelection. “If she did not give a good speech, she’s not the first politician that didn’t give a good speech from time to time, including me,” he told host Dana Bash on “State of the Union.” After CNN played a few […]

John McCain lauded Sarah Palin to the Washington Post. Please “like” us on Facebook Now read this:McCain At His Best (Dec 9, 2014) John McCain Recommends Joe Lieberman For Defense Secretary (Dec 1, 2014) Clueless Sarah Palin Finally Understands ‘You Didn’t Build That!’ (Nov 6, 2014) Pat Buchanan: Joni Ernst ‘Enormously Attractive’ Like Palin And […]

Only, it seems, Rickles is kinder. Don’t be mean and “like” us on Facebook Now read this:Arrested For Going Into Rage After Bad Haircut (Feb 21, 2015) Carly Fiorina: Unlike Hillary Clinton, ‘I Have Actually Accomplished Something’ (Jan 25, 2015) Howard Dean: ‘American Sniper’ Audience Is ‘Very Angry Men’ (Jan 25, 2015) Carly Fiorina, Deadbeat […]

During her speech this weekend at Rep. Steve King’s (R-IA) Iowa Freedom Summit, Sarah Palin’s teleprompter allegedly malfunctioned. Consequently, she delivered possibly the most incoherent, word-salady speech of her political career. However, I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that the prompters worked just fine all along and, instead, Palin was simply de-evolving to a proto-hominid […]

Palin’s speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit has been roundly panned. “Like” Liberaland on Facebook for a good time Now read this:Dems To Hold 2016 Convention In Philly (Feb 12, 2015) Democrat Vs. Democrat (Nov 14, 2014) To Win Elections Democrats May Have To Stand Up For Democratic Ideas (Nov 11, 2014) Sarah Palin: I’m […]

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