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Mark Kelly: What Sarah Palin DId Was ‘Not Related’ But Was ‘Irresponsible…Insensitive’

Mark Kelly discussed on radio with me his new book, Enough: Our Fight to Keep America Safe from Gun Violence. I asked him about Sarah Palin’s infamous target map and whether he thinks it played a role in the shooting of his wife, Gabrielle Giffords. COLMES: An atmosphere was created do you think where what [...]

It’s nice to have a unifying figure like Sarah Palin remind us how important it is to do away with divisive politics. In the process, she had some very lovely things to say about President Obama. “It’s time to end the politics of division, the left’s politics of demographics and identity groups and their tactic [...]

Only, at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue stands the Willard Hotel. The White House is at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, which is likely the building she was trying to reference. While she wasn’t lying, and was just misinformed, she used her time at the “values voter” summit to call President Obama a liar, which of course shows wonderful [...]

Eric Thompson is now seeking work by posting a YouTube video. He said he hopes his video will “get the word out that the Palins do have a lot of political power and can get you fired for telling the truth.” Thompson said he has no ill will toward the owners of McKenna Bros. Paving, whom he [...]

Real Time host Bill Maher addressed the half-term Governor of Alaska’s drunken family brawl in his New Rules segment, after Sarah Palin praised her daughter, Bristol, for partaking in the dog-pile style brawl in which she reportedly punched the host of the party her family was invited to, about 6 times in the face. “New [...]

Half-term Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin addressed the recent drunken brawl her family got into a friend’s party. The only thing missing is Palin actually addressing the issue. Track, Sarah and Todd’s son, reportedly suffered a few broken ribs. Todd allegedly suffered a bloody nose. Bristol reportedly cold-cocked a man in the face repeatedly. The [...]

Since initial reports of a “dogpile” brawl involving members of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin’s family emerged last week via Amanda Coyne, nobody has been fleshing out the details of the incident like TPM‘s tireless Josh Marshall. And he has spoken to yet another witness who is saying that Bristol Palin went medieval with her [...]

Sarah Palin was photographed while running errands in Anchorage, Alaska on Monday for the first time since the scandal broke of her family’s involvement in a drunken brawl. Her middle finger appears to be giving us a sign, whether accidentally or otherwise. Her wedding ring seems to be off of her finger, but perhaps she [...]

We haven’t heard anything from the half-term Governor of Alaska about the brawl she and her family were reportedly involved in last weekend, but now a source close to them has relayed his or her side of the story via Real Clear Politics journalist and Palin biographer Scott Conroy. On Twitter, Conroy tweeted that a [...]

Eric Thompson witnessed the brawl over the weekend at a party in Anchorage that involved the Palin family, and now he’s been fired from his job for his interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America.” I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that any videos taken of the white-on-white violence will not [...]

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