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Wasserman-Schultz May Run For Rubio’s Seat

Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is looking at running for the Senate, especially if Marco Rubio runs for president. Also expressing some interest behind the scenes: former Gov. Charlie Crist, who has lost his past two elections — governor in 2012 and Senate in 2010, the latter against Rubio. Crist, who couldn’t be reached, would be […]

Thankfully, she didn’t listen. In her book released this year, Sen. Elizabeth Warren recounted a dinner she had with President Obama’s chief economic adviser, Larry Summers, in April 2009, when Warren was the outspoken chairman of a congressionally appointed panel probing the government’s response to the financial crisis. Larry leaned back in his chair and […]

Numerous Republicans have called for President Obama to respond to the Ebola crisis by banning flights to the United States from West Africa.  Nate Silver looked at flight data and found that such a ban would be meaningless. There are no regularly scheduled direct flights to the U.S. from Liberia, Guinea or Sierra Leone — […]

If Silver said the opposite, he’d be accused of being a liberal, which he is. But Silver never let his own views get in the way of his predictions. “Summing the probabilities of each race yields an estimate of 51 seats for Republicans. That makes them very slight favorites — perhaps somewhere in the neighborhood […]

“All politics is local,” a phrase attributed to former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neil, has come back into play in Louisiana this week. The endorsement of incumbent Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu in her reelection bid by the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association has brought out the typical charges of corruption and cronyism (Landrieu is on the […]

The Republicans have been very careful this year to avoid Tea Party-supported candidates that will embarrass the party nationally and decrease their chances of taking over the Senate.  But one seems to have slipped through: Joni Ernst, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Iowa, appears to believe states can nullify federal laws. In a […]

Former Procter & Gamble CEO Robert McDonald was confirmed earlier today by the United States Senate, 97-0, to replace Eric Shinseki as the new Veterans Affairs secretary. Shinseki resigned from the post in May after a scandal, involving multiple cover ups, hiding months long waiting lists for veterans seeking healthcare, rocked the agency earlier this […]

There is a line of thinking that the single-issue people take now-and-again wherein they wish for the worst possible outcome so that the masses swell up and a reform agenda—around whatever their single issue is—is swept into realization. And then a thousand years of benevolent Elves-riding-Unicorns overlords to rule us all happens and… and… well, […]

House Republicans have blocked Senate bills, and the 113th Congress has gone down as the least productive in the history of polling.  But never mind all that fact-y stuff.  Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), the newly elected majority leader of the House of Representatives,is blaming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) for all of Washington’s dysfunction. What […]

Senate Democrats Will Introduce Proposal To Expand Social Security Benefits (via http://crooksandliars.com) By John Amato June 10, 2014 11:33 am – Comments It appears that Duncan Black’s dirty hippy plan is starting to play itself out and Senate Democrats are getting on board with a plan to expand our Social Security benefits. It appears that […]

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