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The South Shall Rise Again, And So Shall My Lunch

Regular readers already know that creeping theocracy is my usual editorial beat (so to speak) and so often it quietly comes to us disguised in the somber white robes of religious freedom, if you know what I mean and I think you do.  Like when the theocrats want to legally discriminate against gay people by proposing We […]

Two students in Enola, Pennsylvania complained because their teacher wore a Star of David. In 1949, Act 14 (Sect. 1112) prohibited public school teachers from showing any kind of religious symbol or imagery in the classroom. Now, a parent of one of the two students at East Pennsboro Middle School has issued a formal complaint […]

Oklahoma Senator-Elect James Lankford says a “Biblical worldview” will guide his actions in the upper chamber. “Budget, for me, is still a huge area. The people have started to step back and say, ‘Well, our deficit is only $480 billion now so we are doing much better in deficit.’ We still have $480 billion. That’s […]

The 14-year-old Amarillo, TX boy refused to remove his rosary beads at a school football game and says he was hurt by an aggressive police officer. Jacob Herrera’s mother Lori Martinez says her son was approached by officer Corporal Wilson and told to take off his rosary bead necklace. A witness named Marivell Chavez says […]

Rogue pastors have been ignoring IRS rules and endorsing candidates from the pulpit in the run-up to Tuesday’s elections. Although the IRS was sued itself for not enforcing the law and admitted about 100 churches may be breaking the rules, the pastors and their critics alike say the agency is looking the other way. The […]

Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson is campaigning for his nephew, Zach Dasher, who is running for congress. Dasher — the Duck Dynasty clansman who blamed the Sandy Hook massacre on Richard Dawkins and claimed “YOLO” was an atheist conspiracy — released a campaign advertisement featuring his famous uncle… In the short video, “Duck Commander” Phil […]

The knife is allowed because it’s part of the Sikh religion. One of the most prominent traditional elements of the Sikh faith is the carrying of a Kirpan, a sword or dagger. Several weeks ago, a Sikh family approached Gildo Rey Elementary school and notified the school that their young son would be carrying a […]

A judge in Montgomery County, Texas opened a recent court session with a five-minute Bible reading followed by a formal prayer. The prayer to Allah GOP Jesus made some feel uncomfortable. According to a complainant, the Justice of the Peace stated, “We are going to say a prayer. If any of you are offended by […]

Contrary to what you might glean from recently-released video of Indiana police tasing an unarmed black man after dragging him out of a smashed car window, traffic stops sometimes go wrong for white people, too. As with other police interactions, though, the results are often quite different. Take Ellen Bogan, who is suing Indiana State […]

Ellen Bogan of Huntington says Indiana State Police Trooper Brian Hamilton preached Christianity to her when he pulled her over for an alleged traffic violation in Union County in August. Bogan says the trooper handed her a warning ticket, then he began to ask some personal questions.   Hamilton allegedly asked if she has a […]

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