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Kansas Auctions Sex Toys Online To Meet Budget

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback cut taxes so much he couldn’t pay the bills. The obvious remedy: making the numbers work by auctioning off sex toys. The contract is with equip-bid.com auction company. Consumers interested in the auction of “1000s of items” can examine the goods online or personally preview products Monday at a warehouse in [...]

Michael Squier says he met the hoaxer online and moved in with her. but fled after two weeks. Squier, 18, said that the model – who claimed to have undergone surgery to have a third breast implanted – carved her name onto his chest on the first night they met in Tampa, Florida, with a [...]

Gay Sex Gets 100 Lashes

The Indonesian province of Aceh passed a draconian anti-homosexuality law Saturday that would punish gay sex with 100 lashes of the cane, according to Agence France-Presse. The measure would outlaw anal sex between men and “the rubbing of body parts between women for stimulation,” AFP reported. Those caught engaging in consensual gay sex may be [...]

Swinging For God

These Christian swingers use their multi sex partner lifestyle to preach the Gospel. Cristy Parave and her husband, Dean, are the unashamed bodybuilding Jesus lovers bringing couples together and introducing them to their wild lifestyle of swapping sex partners and Bible verses, Barcroft Media reports. When the fitness gurus got sick of finding swingers online [...]

Doug Adams was flying Virgin from Boston to Los Angeles, and needed to relieve his sexual tension. At one point, Adams apparently attempted to exit the plane mid-flight. According to KETV, Adams was experiencing “psychopathic episodes” during the flight and was forced to be subdued by an off-duty police officer. CBS Los Angeles spoke to [...]

When you have the urge to be in the warm embrace of a stranger, there’s an app for that. Cuddlr is a location-based app that finds people in the immediate vicinity who are game for a strictly “platonic” cuddle. Users are shown a name and picture (because cuddling compatibility knows no age) of potential snuggle [...]

Her goal is to be reality TV star. The Florida woman, who goes by the name Jasmine Tridevil, said she spent $20,000 on the procedure a few months ago after finally finding a doctor willing to perform the operation. “I called 50 doctors,” Tridevil told Real Radio 104.1. “It was really hard finding someone that [...]

The child abuse allegations against Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson continue to raise important, unanswered questions, and Slate columnist Jillian Keenan asks an interesting one, albeit indirectly: Is spanking your children a form of sexual assault? Her Slate article makes the case that spanking is sexual, just a day after I made the case that it’s [...]

The Minneapolis worker noticed him alright, but not in the way he’d hoped. John R. Lind faces two counts of criminal sexual conduct for incidents that allegedly happened since late February. Charges were filed in Ramsey County. According to the criminal complaint, an employee at Beisswenger’s hardware store in New Brighton called police on Aug. 26., [...]

Susie at Crooks and Liars discovered this one via The Smoking Gun. The couple told cops that they were walking on a downtown street after 2 AM when they happened upon Paul Hunter, 64, receiving oral sex from a woman. After being spotted by the duo, the woman “immediately left,” according to a Seattle Police Department [...]

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