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Love Connection: Science Could Find Your Perfect Match

Love Connection: Science Could Find Your Perfect Match

// Now read this:HIV Breakthrough: Virus Deleted From Human DNA For The First Time (Jul 22, 2014) Dissatisfied Man Sends Wife Horrific Sex-Life Spreadsheet (Jul 22, 2014) Safety: Glow-In-The-Dark Bikes (Jul 15, 2014) New Material So Black You Can’t See It (Jul 13, 2014) Bill Gates Funds Birth Control Microchip (Jul 9, 2014) Scientists May [...]

Teacher Charged With Felony Institutional  Sexual Assault, Even Though Adults Consented

So, the 26 year old Pennsylvania teacher decided she was going to have sex with two of her students. BOTH were 18, and it happened after the school year was finished. But police are charging her with Felony Institutional Sexual Assault because the students had not graduated. What’s your take?? Crime or sex among consenting [...]

Couple Arrested For Sex On Chipotle Roof

Sometimes there’s adventure in new places. One of those new places could be a jail cell. Around 9:40 p.m. Saturday, police were called to the restaurant, where an officer “clearly observed the couple engaging in sexual intercourse on the roof at the very front of the Chipotle building,” CBS Philly reports. The officer told the [...]

Health Officials: STD Reaches Outbreak Levels In Northern Idaho, Eastern Washington

Spokane health officials announced this week that in northern Idaho and eastern Washington, the sexually transmitted disease gonorrhea is at outbreak levels. According to officials, the identified cases of gonorrhea grew more than 50 percent over the past three months. The Associated Press reports: The Spokesman-Review reports that the northern-most five counties in Idaho saw [...]

Republican Candidate Drops Out After Masturbation Details Emerge

Jordan D. Haskins has given up his quest to become a Michigan state rep. after details emerged about his unusual sex practices. …he had been arrested multiple times for breaking into government vehicles, tampering with engines, and then masturbating while the “motor was sparking and making noises.” Haskins, who explained his felonies as the result [...]

Love In The Age Of Texting

Let’s see if we can follow all the FAIL in this modern day Romeo and Juliette story: A 17 year-old Virginia teenager who is under investigation for sending a consensual sext to his 15-year-old girlfriend may be forced to have an erection in front of police as evidence in the case. Teen boy (17) and [...]

Sexually Explicit Presidential Love Letters

The letters are from President Warren G. Harding to his Carrie Fulton Phillips, his mistress, during a 15-year period. The Library of Congress is about to make the letters available to the public. The correspondence is intimate and frank — and perhaps the most sexually explicit ever by an American president. Even in the age [...]

Former PA GOP Leader Charged With ‘Indecent Assault Without Consent’

These unfortunate incidents take place in all political parties. No political party or religion is immune from bad actors. So, maybe it’s time for the right to stop acting holier-than-thou. Now read this:‘Traditional Family Values’ Congressman Properly Deals With Pregnancy Of 17-Year-Old Unmarried Daughter (Jul 5, 2014) With Hobby Lobby Decision, Time For Bubba Gump [...]

Women Allegedly Knifes Man For Refusing Sex

Elizabeth Highley, 56, is facing arraignment for allegedly knifing a man, 25,  after he “rejected her sexual advances.” Highley was entertaining victim Crue Finley in her Jensen Beach home when trouble began around midnight on June 16. Finley told St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office deputies that he and Highley “are not a couple.” Finley, investigators [...]

The Problem With The App That Turns Your Phone Into A Vibrator

The problem isn’t the app itself. That seems to be working well. It’s that buyers don’t want it in their purchase history. But, by the way, does a phone have to do everything? Do you ever wish you could get a phone whose primary function is–phoning people? // < ![CDATA[ var icx_iframe_id = "98fe29c0-1478-43af-bb63-1559cf39d902"; // ]]> [...]

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