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Robertson: Gays Will ‘Die Out Because They Don’t Reproduce’

No, no, the way it works is–never mind. Pat Robertson took a question from a viewer who said she attends a church whose members aren’t allowed to date, leaving many church members “frustrated because we’re getting older and no one is getting married.” Robertson found this to be absolutely ridiculous because a church with a […]

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum may run for president, and so the Daily Caller brought up his extremely conservative social views and asked if that would be a problem. Q. If you run [for the White House], lots of people are going to shriek about sex, Christianity and accuse you of being a wild-eyed social conservative. […]

It took place right outside of Parliament, as sex workers protested new rules banning certain sex acts from being performed in porn paid for and seen on line in Britain. So facesitting, spanking and female ejaculation will no longer be allowed. Neither will urologia (sexual acts involving urine), or penetration with the entire hand, or […]

Indianara Carvalho, 22, a Brazilian model will have “vaginal rejuvenation surgery” before doing a nude photoshoot, so she can be presented as a virgin. “I wanted to undergo surgery to reconstruct my virginity (Hymenoplasty) before I have new photographs done,” she said. “I wouldn’t feel good about appearing naked if I wasn’t exactly as I […]

Robots and humans are moving toward singularity, and one giant step in that direction is having virtual sex. Back in our increasingly fiction-like real life, we’re being promised pizza delivery by drones — a comedy special, featuring a lot of misplaced tomato sauce, is surely not far away. In the automotive department, self-driving cars are […]

If this were in a less respectable publication, it would be difficult to believe. New York Magazine‘s “Science of Us” column has an interview with a zoophile who likes being with horses. Here is some of what is said, but the whole thing is definitely not for tender eyes. When did you first realize you […]

The couple had gone to a Springfield, OR strip club and couldn’t contain themselves once they got back in their car. This led to a traffic jam. Oh, and it was right by a jail. Police told KVAL that Kelli M. Knutson, 24, and Logan P. Jackson, 33, apparently went to a strip club together, […]

The California pastor singled out women who have sex before marriage. Paul Chappell, founder and president of West Coast Baptist College and pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church, lamented what he perceives to be a lack of purity and modesty among women. “One wonders, whatever happened to purity?” he asked in the sermon. “Whatever happened to […]

The Florida couple coupled on top of an electrical box. Charm Gilbert, 40, and James Adams, 47, were found guilty last week of indecent exposure and disorderly conduct in connection with their October 1 outdoor interlude at The Villages, the 55,000-resident community that bills itself as “Florida’s Friendliest Retirement Hometown.” Gilbert and James, who have […]

Brittany Wood likely knew too much. By most accounts, 19-year-old Brittney Wood was with uncle Donnie Holland the night of May 30, 2012, the last time anyone saw her. Holland – who was under investigation for horrific sex crimes at the time – died from a bullet within days in what was ruled a suicide. […]

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