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Texas Shooting Survivor to Collect More Than $265K From Fundraiser

Texas Shooting Survivor to Collect More Than $265K From Fundraiser

Cassidy Stay was the lone survivor in last week’s Texas shooting that left four adults and two children dead. More than 5,000 people have donated to a GoFundMe site titled “Stay Family Tragedy – Cassidy Stay Fund” established three days ago, with the total nearing the fund’s goal of $300,000. The fundraising comes as Cassidy [...]

13 Shot In Chicago At Beginning Of Holiday Weekend

No, the problem isn’t that it’s Chicago. The problem isn’t Barack Obama because it’s his home. The problem is what is used to shoot people. That would be guns. One woman was killed while sitting on her porch. One man was killed in front of a hair salon. Shambreyh R. Barfield, 21, was sitting with [...]

At Least 21 Shot In New York City Over The Weekend

Make that 9 in Brooklyn, 5 in Manhattan, 5 in the Bronx, 1 in Queens an 1 on Staten Island. So, no borough has to feel left out. One of the shootings was in Coney Island, and the NYPD released a surveillance photo of the suspect. Police say he shot a ten-year-old boy above the knee and a [...]

Blackwater Top Manager Threatened to Kill U.S. Investigator Probing Iraq Shootings

This blockbuster scoop from the New York Times might explain (at least in part) why former Blackwater boss Erik Prince decided to leave the country: Just weeks before Blackwater guards fatally shot 17 civilians at Baghdad’s Nisour Square in 2007, the State Department began investigating the security contractor’s operations in Iraq. But the inquiry was abandoned [...]

Gunfire Injures 7 On Bourbon Street

The shooting happened at 2:45 AM Sunday morning in the French Quarter. The victims have been taken to a local hospital. One is in critical condition; the other six are in stable condition, Robertson said. The victim in critical condition is an unidentified woman, according to WDSU. The 700 block, where the shooting occurred, is [...]

University of Washington Student Who Idolized Santa Barbara Shooter Arrested

Keshav Bhide, 23, was arrested by Seattle police after making comments online praising the Elliot Rodger, the shooter who went on a killing spree at the University of California, Santa Barbara in May. Bhide apparently made a series of comments in which he expresses admiration for Rodger’s shooting spree. “I am the next Elliot Rodger [...]

3 Killed After Shooting At High School Reunion In Bar

 A man walked into a Peoria sports bar and shot another man and a woman before being fatally shot by an off-duty officer. Lori A. Moore, 33, of Morton, Ill. and Lance E. Griffel, 36, of Peoria, were pronounced dead just minutes apart at St. Francis Hospital with gunshot wounds to the head. Police said [...]

CO Man Pleads Not Guilty, Says He ‘Mercy’ Killed Wife After Accidentally Shooting Her

CO Man Pleads Not Guilty: Wife Had To Be ‘Mercy’ Killed After He Accidentally Shot Her (via http://crooksandliars.com) By David June 15, 2014 8:20 am – Comments A Colorado man who admitted fatally shooting his wife pleaded not guilty last week to murder after saying the first gun shot was an accident, and the second [...]

Oregon Shooter Left Diary With Plan To Kill ‘Sinners’ At The High School

The 15-year old gunman at Reynolds High School left behind a journal in which he notes his plan to kill “sinners” at the school. Police discovered the journal while searching Jared Padgett’s father’s home. According to a law enforcement source, Padgett wrote about a plan to go to the school and kill students or “sinners” [...]

To The Gun Fetishists

To The Gun Fetishists

Now read this:Brave Open Carry Group Goes To Court To Fight For Their Right To Scare The Hell Out of Motorists (Jul 7, 2014) Woman Is Shot In The face By Stray Bullet During Fireworks Celebration (Jul 7, 2014) Man Accidentally Second Amendments Himself And A Woman While Cleaning His Gun (Jul 7, 2014) Virginia [...]

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