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Lauren Bacall Dead At 89

TMZ reports that Lauren Bacall died of a stroke Tuesday. Bacall — who famously stared with and married Humphrey Bogart — starred in a slew of movies, including “The Mirror Has Two Faces,” “How to Marry a Millionaire” and “Designing Woman.” One of Bacall’s biggest movies was with Bogart — “Key Largo” in 1948. She [...]

The Marin County coroner has determined how Robin Williams committed suicide. The Marin County Sheriff’s Office did not return FOX411’s request seeking comment about how Williams died, but in their initial release about the death on Monday, stated the “Sheriff’s Office Coroner Division suspects [Williams’] death to be a suicide due to asphyxia.” According to [...]

Robin Williams Dead At 63

Actor/comedian Robin Williams died Monday morning. His publicist says he has been depressed of late. According to NBC News, the Marin County coroner confirmed that the death appears to be a suicide. While his publicist wouldn’t confirm that it was a suicide, they did issue this statement. “Robin Williams passed away this morning. He has [...]

There is nothing like watching a sophisticate twerk. Dame Helen had some regrets about her mesmerizing performance during a game of charades at Harvard—mainly, that she felt she hadn’t twerked to her full potential. “It wasn’t very good,” she told USA Today. “I can twerk better than that. But I was more than embarrassed. I [...]

Iconic country singer Dolly Parton is an unlikely feminist hero. In fact, she, herself, claims “I’ve never been a feminist.” But if we look at her accomplishments and some of the things she’s said over her decades-long career, it seems odd for her to say that. I think she’s always been a feminist. Dolly Parton is the [...]

Kanye West was under oath when he was deposed after being accused of attacking a paparazzo. West, reportedly under oath, said, “I’m the smartest celebrity you’ve ever f—ing dealt with. I’m not Britney Spears.” Yikes. The “Gimme More” singer isn’t the only one who was mocked by West. He then told Nate Goldberg, who was [...]

It’s called “Shiva” about what Jews do when someone dies. Broadway and film producer Scott Rudin, who helped shepherd The Book of Mormon to its wild success, apparently convinced David to star in the play himself. Details of the project are scant so far, but presumably it will revolve around the Jewish custom of “sitting [...]

James Garner Dies At 86

Garner was best known for “The Rockford Files.” He died of natural causes. Garner was one of the first actors to amass success in both television and film … and he starred in a long list of classic films — as well as a co-starring role in the ’94 big screen version of “Maverick” starring [...]

There is no word yet on the cause of death. Winter was a leading light among the white blues guitar players, including Eric Clapton and the late Stevie Ray Vaughan, who followed in the footsteps of the earlier Chicago blues masters. Winter idolized Waters — and got a chance to produce some of the blues [...]

The long national nightmare of a wait is over. While I’m not a huge Pink Floyd fan, I love seeing rockers who can stil getit together after all these years. // < ![CDATA[ var icx_iframe_id = "ccb3a28d-a8d4-49fa-8737-7599a90c9915"; // ]]> Now read this:Sign Of The Apocalypse: Kim Kardashian Has Elbow Fat (Jul 24, 2014) Alec Baldwin [...]

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