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Rick Santorum’s SOTU Response: Obama’s A ‘Tyrant’

Most people saw a president Tuesday night asking to work with Congress. Former Senator Rick Santorum saw a “tyrant.” “This attitude is,” Santorum said, “we’ve heard enough from you folks, it’s time to get out, get out of the way. If you don’t get out of the way, I’m going to do it myself. And […]

Political Science Professor John Sides of George Washington University explains the chart put together by political scientist Benjamin Lauderdale of the London School of Economics. This kind of quantitative text analysis does not always work well, but the results here make a lot of sense. Speeches by Democratic presidents (blue) are to the left; speeches by […]

“That’s what the American people wants us to do,” she claims with, as always, no evidence. She doesn’t like that he uses his powers–or that he’s the president. Now read this:Did Emperor Obama Really Lie About Not Using Executive Actions? (Dec 19, 2014) Obama’s Great Month (Dec 18, 2014) Judge Declares Obama Immigration Action Unconstitutional […]

h/t NowThisNews. Now read this:Boehner Condemns Obama’s Cuba Policy, Owns Tons Of Stock In Corps Doing Business With Human Rights Violators (Dec 18, 2014) Boehner Wonders Why Democrats Didn’t Pass A Bill Which They Already Passed (Dec 17, 2014) Hardline Conservatives Bucking Republican Leadership (Dec 3, 2014) Biden And Clinton Running From Obama (Nov 28, […]

Even when it’s bad, it’s good, says Alex Castellanos. “I think I’ve said before that I think a speech by Barack Obama is a lot like sex. The worst there ever was is still excellent, and I thought he gave a very competent performance tonight,” he said during CNN’s post-speech coverage. “One of the things […]

Steve Stockman, the far-right Republican who is trying to unseat Republican Texas Senator John Cornyn, says he couldn’t bear to stay and listen to President Obama’s State of the Union speech. “Tonight I left early after hearing how the President is further abusing his Constitutional powers. I could not bear to watch as he continued […]

The Republican Party is in denial about it’s attitude on women. As I cited on Fox News Wednesday, more than 40% of women are forced to take unpaid leave from their jobs when they get pregnant and 25% are forced out of the workplace. Carlson and other Republicans act like it’s their choice not to […]

Senator Graham didn’t like President Obama promoting diplomacy with Iran, something the president feels is the right course, at least for the time being. According to Graham, we’re on the verge of the apocalypse. “The world is literally about to blow up,” Graham said, saying he completely disagrees with Obama on Iran policy. Obama pledged […]

Heads were scratching and jokes were flying last night at the mysterious placement of … something in front of Speaker Boehner during President Obama’s State of the Union speech. The twitter speculation was rampant.  Was it an ashtray for the still smoking Speaker?  Was it Salt, Pepper and Old Bay shakers for those “seasoned politicians”? […]

Back in late 2008 when President Obama was transitioning into the White House, I wondered out loud how long it would be before Republicans began to hector him about abusing executive power. It’d be especially ironic given how they didn’t say a damn thing about the previous administration’s abuses. But it only took a couple […]

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