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U.S. Warns Assad Not To Interfere

(Reuters) – The Syrian military’s air defenses would face retaliation if Syria attempted to respond to U.S. air strikes that are expected against Islamic State targets in Syria, senior U.S. officials said on Monday. President Barack Obama’s authorization of the use of American air power against Islamic State’s strongholds in Syria has raised the question [...]

We are not going to destroy ISIS. We are not going to end terrorism. So let’s stop saying that we will, says Michael Tomasky at The Daily Beast. …here’s something we’re not going to do, and I wish Obama and especially John Kerry would stop saying it. We are not going to “destroy” ISIS, to [...]

ISIS is raking in more than $3 million a day from smuggling, human trafficking, theft and extortion. The extremist group’s resources exceed that “of any other terrorist group in history,” said a U.S. intelligence official who, like others interviewed, spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss classified assessments. Such riches are one reason that American [...]

Michael Hayden, who headed both the CIA and the NSA doesn’t think airstrikes mean much. “The reliance on air power has all of the attraction of casual sex,” retired Gen. Michael Hayden told U.S. News. “The use of air power, for want of a better term, was very gratifying. But the President limited his commitment. [...]

The new Republican position on President Obama’s strategy to destroy ISIS is that without actually pushing for ground troops in Iraq and Syria, we should not be taking ground troops off the table. The media is so invested in reporting that political conflict that they’ve completely missed the huge news that Major Garrett shook loose [...]

WASHINGTON — In an effort to map out the ideological spectrum of Syria’s various rebel groups, Turkish and American officials used a color-coded scheme: green for trusted friends, red for clear-cut enemies and yellow for those in the middle. That middle section turned into a point of contention when it became clear that the Turks [...]

The foreign ministers of Germany and Britain said on Thursday they would not be taking part in air strikes in Syria against the Islamic State militant group. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier told a news conference in Berlin that Germany has not been asked to take part in the air strikes and would not be [...]

Arab states have signed up for a “coordinated military campaign” against ISIS, a campaign that will strike in both Iraq and Syria. After talks in Saudi Arabia’s summer capital Jeddah, Secretary of State John Kerry won backing from 10 Arab countries – Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and six Gulf states including rich rivalsSaudi Arabia and [...]

President Obama laid out a strategy that involves expanding the war against ISIS, including going into Syria, although the word “war” was not used. Addressing the nation from the White House Wednesday night, Obama said the United States is going on offense, launching “a steady, relentless effort to take out” the extremist group which has [...]

Pat Buchanan believes that undocumented immigrants are more of a threat than ISIS, but says we do have to react after beheadings of Americans and that President Obama has the appropriate response. But he says he would “caution the president” about putting in ground troops. Buchanan also said the president was correct not to bomb [...]

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