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Blue States To Red States: ‘You’re Welcome’

Blue States To Red States: ‘You’re Welcome’

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich thinks red state governors and legislators complain too much about federal handouts, considering they’re being subsidized by blue state taxpayers. Republican legislatures and governors in 20 states have refused to expand Medicaid under Obamacare (even though the federal government picks up the whole tab for the first 3 years and [...]

Michele Bachmann Suddenly Loves Taxes–For Immigrants

At the tax rate she proposes? 100%. In a conference call with the anti-immigrant group Numbers USA last week, Rep. Michele Bachmann called illegal immigration a “war against the American people” and suggested that the U.S. levy a 100 percent tax on money that immigrants send back to Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala in [...]

House GOP Lowers Taxes On The Rich

Surprise surprise.  The House GOP, largely incapable of passing any legislation did manage to pass a tax cut on Friday.  Guess who it helps? You’ve probably heard this story before: House Republicans choose to cut taxes for the rich instead of the poor. On Friday, they did it once again. The House GOP had an [...]

Michigan Vs. CIA: Spy Agency’s Embarrassing Tax Problem

Looks as if that little kerfluffle in Germany isn’t the only embarrassment facing America’s top spy agency. Seems the agent has plenty of covert operators but a lousy payroll department: Now read this:Police Chief Advises Residents Of Detroit To Buy Guns (Aug 17, 2014) Watch: ‘Religious’ Man Goes On Tirade To Gay Restaurant Patrons: ‘F*cking [...]

Goodbye, And Don’t Forget To Write

The Wall St. Journal tells us that 47 US Corporations have reincorporated overseas in the last 10 years, presumably to avoid paying taxes:  A summary released Monday by House Democrats says that 47 U.S. corporations have reincorporated overseas through so-called inversions in the last 10 years. That’s “far more than during the previous 20 years [...]

Rush Limbaugh Blames Highway Fund Shortfall on ‘Environmentalist Wackos’

The Highway Trust Fund is about to go broke. The Congressional Budget Office said the fund will need about $8.1 billion to meet it’s obligations through the end of 2014. The Highway Trust Fund is financed through gas taxes. An excise tax of 18.4 cents per gallon of gasoline or 24.4 cents per gallon of [...]

Tea Party Moves To Destroy Jobs–Again!

There is a government agency that doesn’t cost the US tax payers a dime, creates American jobs and last year actually created over a billion dollars in revenue over and above it’s operating costs. Such an agency, of course, has drawn the ire of Tea Party Patriots and their surrogates in congress who are using [...]

More Ex-Pats Living In Canada Because Of U.S. Tax Crackdown. Happy Fourth!

Remember when liberals who didn’t want to go to war were called unpatriotic for moving to Canada? Well, it’s likely those who object to paying their fair share of taxes aren’t the libs. Now who is running scared from America? // < ![CDATA[ var icx_iframe_id = "a3cb83ca-9c64-495a-be2b-b929aa8be6cf"; // ]]> Now read this:Ted Nugent Says He’s [...]