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Author Stephen King Slams His Tea Party Governor

Phenomenally popular author Stephen King is a resident of Maine – and has a few choice words for Governor Paul LePage: Governor Paul LePage of Maine likes to be provocative, and sometimes he says things that are untrue. The latest misstatement, reported Thursday by the Portland Press Herald, came during the governor’s weekly radio address, when […]

WASHINGTON (AP) – Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock billed taxpayers at least three times for more than $14,000 in private air travel last fall, including for a trip to a Chicago Bears football game, The Associated Press has learned. The newly revealed expenses encompass plane travel around Illinois and to Washington. They add to the list […]

Conservatives won’t like this, but the idea of signing pledges is juvenile and good for Bush for not playing that game. Anti-taxman Grover Norquist recently told ABC News he believes Jeb Bush will likely sign his no-new-taxes pledge if and when he officially becomes a candidate for president. But, as Dana Carvey might say, “Not […]

The budding presidential candidate met in Manhattan with some of Ronald Reagan’s acolytes who still think making the rich richer helps money flow down to those living on the margins. The gathering, set for the upscale “21” Club in Manhattan, is the latest effort by the potential Republican presidential contender to bolster his relationships with […]

If only Reagan meant it. Happy Birthday, Ronald Reagan: pic.twitter.com/nCmmFLfubn — Bernie Sanders (@SenSanders) February 6, 2015 Please “like” us on Facebook Now read this:Reagan Curator: Scott Walker Lied About Reagan Bible (Mar 14, 2015) That Time Ronald Reagan Accused Jesse Jackson Of Violating The Logan Act (Mar 10, 2015) A Democrat Who Could Challenge […]

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has long called for reform of tax laws to end loopholes which allow highly profitable corporations to not only pay no income taxes, but receive huge “refunds” of taxes never paid. On Tuesday, Sanders questioned Shaun Donovan, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, about the issue during the Senate […]

A Witchita Texas man was arrested by Sheriff’s deputies after paying his property tax bill in one dollar bills. The kick was that he folded the bills so tightly that it took the clerk at least 6 minutes to unfold each one. The property tax bill was for 600.00 dollars, so at the rate of […]

If there’s anyone we don’t need to feel sorry for, it’s Superbowl XLIX MVP, Tom Brady.  It seems only fair that this multi-millionaire, who will receive untold sums of cash from endorsements, repay the same society that enabled him to make gobs of money. When exorbitant earnings that are above and beyond what we consider wealthy were taxed […]

President Obama addressed the reasoning behind his budget, saying it’s paid for with a combination of tax cuts for middle income Americans and increases on the wealthy. And he reminded us–twice–that, on his watch the deficit was reduced by two-thirds. The GOP will respond this spring with a balanced-budget outline that promises to ease the […]

In an effort to get domestic companies booking huge foreign earnings to invest more in the U.S., President Barack Obama will propose a one-time tax on the firms’ overseas profits to help fund the repair of the country’s crumbling transportation infrastructure, the Associated Press reported Sunday. The White House apparently believes it can drum up […]

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