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Tea Party In A Pickle Over Ex-Im Bank

Tea Party In A Pickle Over Ex-Im Bank

Republican chairman of the House Financial Services Committee Jeb Hensarling’s ongoing attempts to defund the Export-Import bank are in a bit of a pickle this week. Back in May at a Heritage Foundation event, the Texas Representative cited Kernersville, North Carolina pickle company Jenny’s Pickles and its co-founder Jenny Fulton among examples of businesses that [...]

Now Even The GOP Are Calling Tea Partiers Racists!

Tea Partiers don’t like being called racists but they do love voting for the GOP.  A revelation by Erik Erikson at RedState.com that it was Senate Republicans who attacked Mississippi candidate Chris McDaniel by deeming him to be a racist last month could change all that. Will there be a split on the Right with the [...]

Always Playing The Victim: #WAAR Claims Republicans Are All Refugees

There’s a group of people, who cannot come to terms with the idea that their legitimately elected president is black, no matter what the factual evidence states.  These curious victims truly believe everything about President Barack Obama is illegitimate, tyrannical and unconstitutional in their view. The latest fresh horror I encountered on Twitter? The hashtag WAAR, [...]

‘Holly Hobby Lobby’ Busted In Another Lie: Son’s ‘Award-Winning’ Cardiologist Isn’t Even Certified

Now read this:George W. Bush-Appointed Judge Tosses Sen. Ron Johnson’s Obamacare Lawsuit (Jul 21, 2014) Senate To Vote On Bill To Overturn Hobby Lobby Ruling (Jul 15, 2014) Verdict: Obamacare Has Reduced The Number Of Uninsured (Jul 12, 2014) Hagee: Obamacare Means ‘Global Dictatorship,’ ‘End Times’ and Mark Of The Beast (Jul 9, 2014) Democratic [...]

President Asks For Money To Fix Border; Congress Too Obsessed With Benghazi

The President is in Texas today meeting privately with Governor Rick Perry, because a  public display of respect toward the Commander in Chief (a handshake) is unacceptable to the rampantly racist Tea Party.  The reason for the visit is to address and solve the problem of tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants, many being unaccompanied minors.  Naturally, [...]

GOP Congressional Candidate: Obama Is Mentally Ill

He’s accused of being a Muslim, a Socialist, a Marxist, a radical and a traitor. He’s either a lazy bum who’s given up or an evil dictator hellbent on remaking America. And now he is a sufferer of mental illness. Iraq War vet Larry Smith is the Republican nominee to take on Rep. Filemon Vela [...]

Tea Party Moves To Destroy Jobs–Again!

There is a government agency that doesn’t cost the US tax payers a dime, creates American jobs and last year actually created over a billion dollars in revenue over and above it’s operating costs. Such an agency, of course, has drawn the ire of Tea Party Patriots and their surrogates in congress who are using [...]

Tea Party: Don’t Give Us Your Huddled Masses

When a group is met with  …disdain or anger when they act against the established norm (e.g. when they don’t know or refuse to learn the language) …it goes directly against the message inscribed on the Statue of Liberty.  When people are willing to risk never seeing their children again just to help them escape squalor, violence [...]

Sore Loser: Tea Party Candidate Serves Cochran With Notice To Challenge Election Results

The tea party-backed candidate in Mississippi’s GOP primary for the U.S. Senate notified Sen. Thad Cochran on Thursday that he plans to challenge the outcome. State Sen. Chris McDaniel’s campaign served papers to Cochran’s son, Clayton, with notice of intent to challenge the results, citing allegations of improper crossover voting, according to the Clarion-Ledger. But, [...]

Conservative Blogger Sends Tea Party Trolls To Crash Sen. Thad Cochran’s Media Call

You may have thought the clown show in Mississippi was over; after all, Sen. Thad Cochran defeated his challenger, the Tea Party Confederate-friendly fun-guy, Rep. Chris McDaniel. Well, you’d be wrong. It was the nastiest, most underhanded election and it’s still chaotic. It’s like it just won’t die even though the election is over. Thad [...]

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