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Ted Cruz’s Dad: ‘If The Left Had Their Way They Would Do Away With The Whole Bill Of Rights’

So far, no word on whether Texas Senator Ted Cruz agrees with his father’s regular rants against liberals, President Obama, and everything to the left of Stalin. The conservative political activist and father of Sen. Ted Cruz told “Faith & Liberty” host Dave Garrison on Tuesday that President Obama and Fidel Castro are two peas [...]

Okay, so we exaggerate. Only slightly. Ted Cruz says Barack Obama has promised amnesty to illegal immigrants. Well, guess what? It’s beyond “pants on fire”: Cruz, addressing reporters a week before Obama asked Congress for more money and authority to make it easier to deport recent border crossers, said a survey showed that 95 percent [...]

Raphael Cruz says God told him his mission is to get pastors to help get out the vote to save America. “Without my moving a finger,” Cruz revealed, “miraculously, God began to set up pastor conferences all over this country. Last year I did 11 pastor conferences; this year I’ll probably do at least 30.” [...]

Ted Cruz wasn’t born in America, but since his native country is Canada, and not Kenya, he won’t face the kind of vitriol American -born Barack Obama has. Now, the Texas senator has formally given up his Canadian citizenship. Spokeswoman Catherine Frazier said Cruz’s action became official May 14 and that Texas’ junior senator received [...]

‘Run, Ted, Run!’

Ted Cruz won the Louisiana straw poll last week, and this weekend wowed them at the Texas Republican meets. Cruz got a much more favorable reception than either Governor Rick Perry or Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. The Texas senator was introduced at times as “the next president of the United States.” His speeches were punctuated [...]

Too Funny: Ted Cruz Wins Presidential Straw Poll At GOP Summit (via FreakOutNation) Texas Sen. Ted ‘I shut down governments’ Cruz has won the latest 2016 presidential straw poll at a conservative summit in Louisiana. This is a gift for Democrats. I’m only surprised that his father, Rafael, who fought for Fidel Castor, didn’… Now [...]

If only schools forced children to pray, says Rafael Cruz, teen pregnancy and crime would be a thing of the past. “The church should be influencing” every area of society,he intones. But which church, eh? “The church should be influencing the media, should be influencing arts and entertainment, sports, education, business and, yes, government,” he [...]

Wacko-Bird Ted Cruz Says Democrats Plan To ‘Repeal First Amendment’ (via http://crooksandliars.com) By John Amato May 23, 2014 1:39 pm – Comments Senator Ted Cruz conflates a Democratic vote to try and undo the Citizens United ruling into a John Bircher conspiracy plot to overturn the 1st Amendment and strip Christians of their freedom of [...]

Ted Cruz’s Daddy Says ‘The Bible Tells You Exactly Who to Vote For’ (Video) (via Americans Against The Tea Party) Rafael Cruz just keeps getting more crazy! In the past, he has suggested that we send President Barack Obama back to Kenya while comparing his son to Jesus Christ (It’s OK, though. Ann Coulter says [...]

New York Congressman Peter King has one goal when it comes to running for president: Don’t allow Ted Cruz or Rand Paul to get anywhere near the White House. …during one of his frequent interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Friday, King said he is seriously considering making a run at the nomination, if only to [...]

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