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Even Mika Brzezinski Makes Sharyl Attkisson’s Claims Look Silly

Even Mika Brzezinski Makes Sharyl Attkisson’s Claims Look Silly

Former CBS News reporter and Dana Loesch award-sharer Sharyl Attkisson has been making the rounds of conservative media to push her nebulous claims of bias at CBS that prompted her exit, and to promote her upcoming book Stonewalled. If you’re not read in on Attkisson, Media Matters has a thick dossier on her, but if […]

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Jimmy Fallon Narrowly Escapes New York Bar Fight

The Tonight Show host was out with some friends after taping his show at a bar in the East Village bar Niagara. But when 39-year-old Fallon and his crew arrived at the grungy, crowded rocker hangout around 10:30 p.m., they didn’t exactly get a warm welcome from fellow patrons. Customer Ron Harrell posted on Twitter, […]

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Right-Wing Writer Says Colbert Does ‘Political Blackface’

In other words, some conservatives are having a difficult time taking the joke as Stephen Colbert continues to sharpen his skills. …ex-Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro accuses Colbert of “political blackface.” Shapiro, who now works for something called “Truth Revolt,” writes: This routine, in which Colbert plays at conservatism in order to portray it as unendingly […]

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SATIRE: CBS Taps Colbert To Replace Letterman, Limbaugh Bursts Into Flames

This could be the single event that our grandchildren — well, the privileged ones who know how to read and have access to e-books and such — will know as the straw that broke the left wing’s back. No less of a historian than Rush Limbaugh declared on his radio program today that, “CBS has […]

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Stephen Colbert To Replace David Letterman

Colbert was rumored to be at the top of the list, and will sign a five-year deal to host CBS’s late-night comedy show. “Simply being a guest on David Letterman’s show has been a highlight of my career,” Mr. Colbert said in a statement. “I never dreamed that I would follow in his footsteps, though […]

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‘Candid Camera’ Coming Back To TV With Peter Funt

Peter Funt, son of “Candid Camera” originator Allen Funt, will host the new version. The hidden-camera show — whose tagline was “Smile! You’re on ‘Candid Camera’ ” — first appeared on TV in 1948 on CBS, and subsequently aired on NBC and ABC. The last version aired on PAX in 2004. That series was hosted […]

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Barbara Walters: ‘The View’ Will Likely Hire A Conservative Voice

The retiring Barbara Walters says they need to play with the formula a bit. “We’re experimenting a little bit,” she says. “Sometimes we think we should add a man.” And it looks like “The View” will hire another right-leaning personality to keep those Hot Topics segments heated. “We need a conservative voice,” Walters says. “We […]

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Barbara Walters Exits ‘The View’ In May

Babs will retire from The View May 16. Later that night, ABC will air a two-hour prime-time special on her career. Walters, who is 84, began in television in 1961 and became the medium’s best-known interviewer. She announced last year that she will retire from regular TV appearances. Walters will remain involved behind the scenes […]

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Comedian John Pinette Dead; ‘Seinfeld’ Actor Dies In Hotel Room

John Pinette was known for the guy who got mugged in the Seinfeld finale. He was 50. The Allegheny County medical examiner’s office says Pinette died in his Sheraton Hotel room around 2:30 PM … and foul play is NOT suspected. According to reports … the medical examiner did not perform an autopsy because Pinette’s […]

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CBS Has A Number 1 Choice To Replace Letterman

It’s Stephen Colbert. Colbert has not had any formal contract discussions with CBS, and no agreement is in place, but sources tell Mashable that he first engaged with network executives while Letterman was still mulling the timing of his retirement. Though CBS has had conversations with other candidates, including Colbert’s Comedy Central counterpart Jon Stewart, […]

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