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CNN: ‘U.S. Right-Wing Extremists More Deadly Than Jihadists’

CNN: ‘U.S. Right-Wing Extremists More Deadly Than Jihadists’

In case you missed it, CNN on Tuesday posted a must-read piece by Peter Bergen and David Sterman on how Islamic jihadism is considered to be so much worse than domestic right-wing extremism — among the public, in the media — even though the latter is much more deadly than the former. Here are some […]

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We Can’t Discuss Torture Without Acknowledging U.S.’s Lack Of Morality

Eric Fair worked in the military as an Arab linguist and later as a contract interrogator. He knows how ugly it makes us appear. Seven years ago, I wrote an op-ed in this newspaper about my role conducting abusive interrogations in places like Abu Ghraib and Fallujah [“An Iraq interrogator’s nightmare,” op-ed, Feb. 9, 2007]. […]

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BREAKING: Senate Panel Votes To Declassify Parts Of CIA Torture Report

The Senate Intelligence Committee voted to declassify parts of the post-9/11 CIA report that deals with detention and interrogation. The report draws a harsh portrait of the agency and the legality of its tactics, U.S. officials familiar with the findings have said. The White House must now formally declassify the findings before they are released, […]

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Do You Know We Caught A Terrorist Last Week? Why Not?

Robin Pennacchia knows, and also knows why you don’t know. Being that it is part of my actual job, I tend to read a lot news. A wide variety of it, from many different sources. So, when something important happens, like the girl who played Stephanie Tanner on Full House goes to pick up her […]

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Trump Blames Obama For Making Manhattan A Terrorist Target; Calls Him ‘Stupid’

President Obama said he was more concerned about a nuke in Manhattan than Russia, which is a “regional threat.” To The Donald, this means New York is now a huge target. Now, every terrorist in the world is going to target Manhattan because the president said it was a concern of his. By Obama mentioning […]

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President Obama, giving a news conference with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, says Russia isn’t our biggest threat. Obama was asked if he agreed with Mitt Romney’s assessment during the 2012 presidential campaign that Russia is America’s biggest geopolitical foe. Instead, Obama poked at Russia, downplaying its influence on the world stage. “Russia is a […]

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AFP Reporter Slain By Taliban Was 5-Star Journalist

Slain AFP reporter was ‘five-star journalist’ (via AFP) The senior reporter for Agence France-Presse in Kabul, Sardar Ahmad, was shot dead along with his wife and two of their children in a Taliban attack on a hotel on Thursday. The family’s youngest son was badly wounded. Here his bureau chief Ben Sheppard… Repost This Article […]

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Senate Report Already Shows No Terror Stopped By Torture

As Senator Dianne Feinstein and the CIA battle over release of the Senate’s definitive report on President George W. Bush’s torture policies, at least one very important fact is already known. The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s review of the Bush-era torture program run under the CIA in the aftermath of 9/11 firmly concludes that […]

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TSA Officer Arrested; Accused Of Making Terrorist Threat

The TSA officer was accused of making a terrorist threat to employees at Houston Intercontinental Airport. Jeno Mouton, of Houston, allegedly told a TSA supervisor that “he would rather vent than to come back and shoot up the place,” according to an arrest affidavit. Investigators said Mouton, who is a long-time employee, allegedly made the […]

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Liberaland Lookback: GOP Congressman Admitted Voting Against More Embassy Security

Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah appeared on CNN October 12, 2012, a month almost to the day after the Benghazi attack and admitted that it was not a priority to increase funding for embassy security when there were so many other expenses. He, in fact, voted against increasing funding. CNN Anchor Soledad O’Brien asks, “Is […]

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