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Open Carry Groups In Texas Are Having An Epic Girl Fight

Open Carry Texas has had it with the fedora-wearing leader of Open Carry Tarrant County. C.J. Grisham, the leader of Open Carry Texas, penned a letter on his Facebook account to Kory Watkins but he didn’t link to him, so I suppose he’s supposed to get the message through some of his supporters, or maybe […]

A man is in custody after a meteorologist working for KCEN was shot multiple times in the parking lot of the station Wednesday morning. According to D.L. Wilson with DPS, the suspect exchanged words with Patrick Crawford, a morning show meteorologist, before he pulled out a semi-automatic handgun and fired several times. Crawford managed to drive away […]

A member of Open Carry Tarrant County and Open Carry Texas, is facing capital murder charges after two people were discovered shot dead in her home. Veronica Dunnachie, 35, was arrested by police as she drove herself to a nearby mental hospital following the shooting. Officials said they were treating the slayings as a domestic […]

A gun store owner in Fort Worth, Texas is putting the “Christ back in Christmas” by decorating his rooftop with a Santa Claus holding an AR 15. Because Jesus always said, “Christmas is a time for guns.” It’s not for little kids. That’s just silly libtard propaganda, duh! “We’ve got a sign on the door […]

Kory Watkins (R-Fedora), leader of Open Carry Tarrant County will meet today along with hundreds of his friends at a Kroger in a mostly black and hispanic area of Arlington, Texas for what they are calling the Massive March Against Police Overreach & Brutality. While it’s commendable that he sides with Ferguson protesters, his tactics […]

A third grade teacher in Texas is resigning amid accusations that she has used racist remarks on conservative Internet talk show “Tommy’s Garage”, and made “jokes” about President Obama being infected with the Ebola virus in order to “take one for the team.”   Angela Box expressed her disgust with President Obama and her frustration […]

Two former Jasper, Texas police officers will not face criminal charges after they brutally assaulted a black woman who was in their custody last year.  That incident prompted racial tension in the East Texas town. Texas Observer reports: The Beaumont Enterprise reported in November that a grand jury had cleared officers Ricky Grissom and Ryan […]

A body found on a Dallas street led police to find that a man had decapitated himself. Witnesses tell CBSDFW they saw a man scribble something in Spanish on his van .  Then he tied one end of a rope around his neck and the other end around a fire hydrant then drove off and decapitated […]

A Texas school board member posted an image of a Klu Klux Klan member standing with his hands folded along with the words, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” emblazoned on the image. But he insists that he’s not a racist and we totally believe him.  The post was sent out by Hooks Independent School District […]

The Austin shooter, who targeted “multiple downtown buildings” before dawn on Friday with about 100 shots ringing out into the dark streets, is described by authorities as a right wing extremist. Larry McQulliams harbored extremist right-wing views and appeared to be planning a broader attack against churches and government facilities, according to what law enforcement officials said […]

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