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Walmart Asks Employees To Donate Food To Other, Needy Employees

An Oklahoma Walmart store is asking employees to donate food to other employees who are poverty-stricken this Thanksgiving. Making Change at Walmart, a pro-labor organization, recently posted a picture of a canned food drive at an Oklahoma City Walmart on Facebook along with this text: Rather than agree to pay a decent wage or provide […]

The War on Thanksgiving 2014.

Big Business’ outrageous attempt to destroy America’s only universal holiday. Family values take second place to corporate greed. Message to America – money is more important than your family. In virtually all cases, retailers explain their decisions to open on Thanksgiving by pointing back at consumers—saying that shopping time on the holiday and “flexible” store […]

h/t Think Progress. Now read this:Chick-Fil-A Manager Gives Employees List Of Banned Words (Nov 11, 2014) Whole Foods Workers Looking To Unionize (Nov 7, 2014) DOL Secretary Gets Real On Minimum Wage (Oct 26, 2014) New York Airport Workers Went On Strike Because Of Ebola (Oct 10, 2014) Study: 62 Percent Of Employers Think Minimum […]

This gives 127,000 people the opportunity to observe Thanksgiving with their families. In explaining why it decided to stay closed, the spokesperson said, “Our employees work especially hard during the holiday season and we simply believe that they deserve the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with their families. Nothing more complicated than that.” That makes at […]

The Politics Of Cruelty

I’m coming off of my Thanksgiving week high, settling down, and what’s the first thing I think of when I get back to my desk to do some writing?  Cruelty. Institutional cruelty, at that.  Political cruelty.  The kind of cruelty that knows no bounds and fears no punishment.  A new kind of cruelty, right out […]

Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio believes he’s a hero for his $.56 Thanksgiving dinner offering to his inmates. “Thanksgiving menu is all set!,” Arpaio wrote on Twitter. “Hope the inmates give thanks for this special meal being served in the jails tomorrow.” According to a menu Arpaio posted, Maricopa County, Ariz. inmates received the […]

We’ve pointed out that Thanksgiving began during a time when white settlers were killing Native Americans. Cher made the same point in her own way. Cher told her fans on Wednesday that she does not celebrate Thanksgiving. In fact, she appears to deplore the American holiday, calling in the “beginning of a great crime.” Cher […]

Following half a week of fawning, buying-season-worshipping news reports on how absolutely wonderful it would be with some major retailers were opening on Thanksgiving Day, it’s no surprise that early reports from the ground via Twitter (and compiled by the good folks at HuffPo) reveal that things at Walmart did not go well late yesterday: […]

Liberaland began on a Thanksgiving weekend six years ago. At the time I was looking to fill some time, and didn’t know if I’d really get into this “blogging” thing. Alan.com had been sitting around not doing much for a number of years prior to that, and I didn’t know if I’d want to take […]

Thanksgiving In Space

A number of activities in space will mark the day, including a comet kissing the sun. Comet ISON, which was discovered a year ago, is making its first spin around the sun and will come the closest to the super-hot solar surface at 1:37 p.m. EST. It may take a few hours before astronomers know […]

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