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Government Stalling On Release Of Torture Memo

The Senate Intelligence Committee and the Obama administration are still going back and forth about what material should be included in the release of the terror report. The committee had hoped to release its 600-page summary of the report on the Central Intelligence Agency’s use of tactics many label as “torture” before Congress left for [...]

We’ve tortured people. There are pictures. Under a 2009 law, more than 2000 photo taken at American military facilities have been kept from view. On Wednesday, the American Civil Liberties Union won an important victory for transparency when a federal district judge in New York City, Alvin Hellerstein, rejected the government’s blanket claim of privilege [...]

Joanne Mariner of Amnesty International talked to me on radio Wednesday night about torture in Afghanistan by rogue members of the U.S. military. Our military has done little to find and prosecute those who committed these heinous acts. “Thousands of Afghans have been killed or injured by US forces since the invasion, but the victims [...]

The New York Times would like you to believe it got its balls back. It hasn’t. Executive Editor Dean Baquet wrote yesterday that the Grey Lady will henceforth use the word, “torture,” to describe the waterboarding of suspected terrorists. The blogger Andrew Sullivan, who has been vocally critical of the Times‘ unwillingness to use plain English when reporting [...]

New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet explains why “enhanced interrogation” will now be called by its rightful name. When the first revelations emerged a decade ago, the situation was murky. The details about what the Central Intelligence Agency did in its interrogation rooms were vague. The word “torture” had a specialized legal meaning as [...]

Cheney says Obama is “despicable” for admitting we used torture.

At Friday’s impromptu presidential press conference, President Obama went a few extra innings, taking several shouted questions after he had announced the end of the presser, and one of those responses is generating a lot of wet heat in the news hole. While expressing support for CIA Director John Brennan, despite revelations that the CIA [...]

In a remarkable White House statement, President Obama acknowledged that the United States used torture and did things “contrary to our values” after 9/11. The comments reflect the line the president is preparing to walk as he gets ready for the release of a Senate committee report on the Bush-era rendition, detention and interrogation program. [...]

While he is for the death penalty, the Arizona Senator has the good sense to decry an execution gone wrong. The longtime Republican lawmaker, who experienced years of torture while being held in captivity by the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War, called the drawn-out lethal injection execution of Joseph Wood on Wednesday “terrible.” “I [...]

The reason we are signatories to the Geneva Convention and why we “don’t” torture prisoners of war is because it makes our own citizens vulnerable when captured. It’s also not humane, in keeping with the kind of country we purport to be. I put “don’t” in quotes because we “do” torture, and we do so [...]

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