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George Zimmerman Goes Off On ‘Barack Hussein Obama’

Like a bad penny, George Zimmerman pops up yet again with his tale of victimization and woe. That poor, poor baby. Is it fundraising season for him? His divorce attorney posted a video of him going on about Barack Hussein Obama’s meanness and how unfair life has been to him. I can’t post it here […]

In a recent interview, George Zimmerman slammed president Obama for dereliction of duty” by using “racially charge comments,” dividing the public against him during his trail for the killing of Trayvon Martin. “I feel that now is the perfect time to speak my mind without fear of retaliation by the president, the attorney general, the […]

A GQ profile of George Zimmerman has some startling revelations. After running up debts hiding out in hotels around the country, the family apparently attempted to monetize their infamous name with a “Z” brand of self-defense products. As explained by George’s brother, Robert, who “[learned] a lot from Keeping Up With the Kardashians”: “There’s the […]

George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, spent Saturday afternoon posing for photos, sharing hugs and shaking hands with gun enthusiasts at a firearms expo in Lake Mary. Zimmerman spoke of his celebrity status saying, ‘It is appreciated.” In an interview with the Orlando Sentinel, Zimmerman described life after the shooting […]

Trayvon Martin’s father appeared on MSNBC’s Weekend with Alex Witt and discussed the character assassination taking place with Michael Brown, the unarmed black teenager gunned down by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. .Tracy Martin offered support to the parents of Michael Brown saying,  “The country stands behind them and their loss.” Martin spoke of […]

Jesse Lee Peterson of Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny went on Steve Malzberg’s radio show to call Michael Brown a “thug” just like Trayvon Martin. “I’ve said from day one that Michael Brown is a thug,” Peterson declared, using as evidence “the fact that he was running from the cops, period, because good folks […]

It has not been a good year decade for George Zimmerman. The Trayvon Martin killer was counting on money from the NBC suit to dig himself out of his financial hole. Now read this:Ashley Judd ‘Pressing Charges’ Against Twitter Trolls (Mar 17, 2015) Associated Press Sues State Department For Clinton Emails (Mar 12, 2015) Judge […]

On Monday, a Florida judge rejected acquitted killer, George Zimmerman’s suit, which sought damages from NBC for allegedly portraying the neighborhood watch volunteer as racist in a series of news reports about the shooting death of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin. Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson ruled that the former neighborhood watch volunteer is entitled to […]

Frank Taffe, who previoiusly called George Zimmerman a friend, and spoke in support of the man who shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, now says he’s had a change of heart. Taffe has quite a history himself. Zimmerman’s former neighbor and fellow neighborhood watch volunteer explains that he wants to clear his conscience. He claims […]

In a videotaped interview arranged by his attorneys to showcase “who I really am,” George Zimmerman declares he’d like to become a civil rights attorney. One of Zimmerman’s divorce attorneys, Howard Iken, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the divorce process involves “moving on and having a new life,” and that the video’s release […]

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