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Israel PM Buys Pro-Israeli Tweets

Israel PM Buys Pro-Israeli Tweets

// Now read this:House Okays $225 Million For Israel’s Iron Dome (Aug 2, 2014) Jon Stewart Compares Israel To The Tucson Mass Shooter (Aug 1, 2014) David Horowitz: Obama Ignored Kidnapping Of Israeli Boy ‘Because He Was A Jew’ (Aug 1, 2014) New Generation Of U.S. Millennials Outraged Over Israel (Aug 1, 2014) Israeli Soldier [...]

Rihanna Says #FreePalestine Was Tweeted By Accident

A source close to Rihanna says the Tweet was an accident. In fact, Rihianna has no idea she even Tweeted it, says TMZ. Rihanna deleted her #FreePalestine tweet 8 minutes after she posted it because she says it was never meant to be sent out in the first place … a source close to the [...]

Reporter Stopped By TSA Agent Who Didn’t Know District Of Columbia Is In US, Demands To See His Passport

Channel 9′s Justin Gray was stopped by a TSA agent in Orlando. The problem is that the agent said Gray’s District of Columbia driver’s license wasn’t a valid form of identification and he demanded to see a passport. Gray said his license is legal and up-to-date, but the TSA agent didn’t seem to know what [...]

.@Marmel: How To Fight Back Against RWNJ Threatening Obama On Twitter

Steve Marmel has following the story of the militiaman who continually threatened President Obama on Facebook, and was reinstated each time. Now, Everest Wilhelmsen is using Twitter to spread his hate, and Marmel has a step-by-step guide about what you can do about it. Now read this:House Authorizes Suit Against Obama (Jul 30, 2014) Heckler [...]

Social Media Turns Another Private Sexual Affair Into a Very Public Inquisition (And It Has to Stop)

Who would’ve guessed that users of social media and the internet, the home of free and unlimited porn and all varieties of widely accepted debauchery, would regularly behave like a clique of second-graders, snickering at “wee-wees” and “pee-pees?” It doesn’t matter whether it’s a slow news week or a busy one, if someone gets caught [...]

Most Of  Your Favorite Politician’s Twitter Followers Are Fake

‘Bots’ account for a large portion of the followers of top political names on Twitter, and it’s the fault of overzealous aides who want their bosses to look good. According to a POLITICO-driven analysis, heavy hitters with Twitter handles attracting the highest rates of fake followers include the president’s political account @BarackObama (46.8 percent), Democratic [...]

Screen Shots From Brat’s Campaign Manager’s Deleted Facebook Page

This very charming man, Zachary Warrell, may not realize that once you put something online, it doesn’t go away, even if you delete it. As Garance Franks-Ruta at Yahoo notes: From comparing George Zimmerman’s shooting of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin to abortion to calling for the abolition of the Food and Drug Administration and [...]

Racist A**hole Trolls Touré So, Of Course, Touré Must Apologize

MSNBC host and cultural critic Touré is under fire this Memorial Day Weekend for, as down-the-middle website Mediaite puts it, “Chalk(ing) Up Holocaust Survival to ‘The Power of Whiteness’” in a Twitter exchange with an alleged descendant of Holocaust survivors. The right-wing blogosphere is up in arms over what “Black Nazi” Touré said, and if he really [...]

Brooklyn ‘Fight Club’ Organized On Facebook, Twitter

A corner it Fort Greene, Brooklyn, is the site of regular gatherings of teens for brawls organized on social media. At one recent gathering a gun was fired. Hanson Place and South Elliott Place — at the northeast corner of the complex that includes a Burlington Coat Factory and OfficeMax — has been the site [...]

Sarah Palin Blasts Social Media As ‘The lazy…Way To Deal With Major…Issues’–On Facebook

Sarah Palin took to the medium she almost exclusively uses to make major pronouncements, to put down using hashtag activism.  That would be the same medium that embraces the hashtag activism–social media. “Diplomacy via Twitter is the lazy, ineffectual, naïve, and insulting way for America’s leaders to deal with major national and international issues,” Palin [...]

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