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ISIS Reacts

ISIS has reacted to President Obama’s “no strategy” speech and wants to know why we’re spending so much time talking about them. Several Twitter accounts widely believed to be ISIS-affiliated live-tweeted the president’s speech, even commenting on how much air time he has given the militant group. 1. This is the 6h speech to Obama [...]

China is way ahead of is in terms of interactive movie experiences. Theaters in major Chinese cities have starting experimenting with “bullet screens” on which audiences can send text messages commenting on the film, which are then projected directly onto the screen… The inspiration behind the idea appears to be that it mimicks that of [...]

A study released by the National Institute of Mental Wellness Wednesday showed that right wing readers experience mental health benefits from trolling liberal websites. “It would seem counterintuitive,” said Dr. Norman Volkoff, director of the institute, “but having something to get angry about actually seems to improve the mental well-being of far right wing readers.” [...]

Iraqi security forces pull down a flag belonging to the Sunni militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria during a patrol in the town of Dalli Abbas in the province of Diyala June 30. Reuters/Stringer Thousands of Twitter users turned to humor to vent their frustrations about the Islamic State, formerly known as the [...]

The Internet is either the greatest database ever created, or it’s a sewer. Robin Williams’ grieving daughter Zelda Williams has quit social media after internet trolls and insensitive posters added to her despair… Initially requesting her supporters to report the trolls, who posted what appeared to be photoshopped images of her dad onto her account, [...]

Glenn Thrush mentioned that the death of Robin Williams wasn’t at the top of his list to be concerned about, and that didn’t sit well with many Tweeters. Feel very bad about Robin Williams. But he’s not exactly at the top of my feel-bad-about-shit-going-wrong-in-the-world list… Sorry. — Glenn Thrush (@GlennThrush) August 12, 2014 And then: [...]

// Now read this:Israel Rebuked By U.S. For Massive Land Grab (Sep 1, 2014) U.S. State Dept: Palestinian Family ‘Singled Out For Arrest’ By Israel (Aug 29, 2014) Gaza Ceasefire Deal Reached Say Palestinians (Aug 26, 2014) Hamas To Obama: Stop ‘Holocaust’ In Gaza (Aug 25, 2014) Israeli Youth Brag About Their Racism (Aug 23, [...]

A source close to Rihanna says the Tweet was an accident. In fact, Rihianna has no idea she even Tweeted it, says TMZ. Rihanna deleted her #FreePalestine tweet 8 minutes after she posted it because she says it was never meant to be sent out in the first place … a source close to the [...]

Channel 9′s Justin Gray was stopped by a TSA agent in Orlando. The problem is that the agent said Gray’s District of Columbia driver’s license wasn’t a valid form of identification and he demanded to see a passport. Gray said his license is legal and up-to-date, but the TSA agent didn’t seem to know what [...]

Steve Marmel has following the story of the militiaman who continually threatened President Obama on Facebook, and was reinstated each time. Now, Everest Wilhelmsen is using Twitter to spread his hate, and Marmel has a step-by-step guide about what you can do about it. Now read this:CT Police Find Car Connected To Threat Against Obama [...]

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