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Disabled Vet Thrown Out Of New Jersey Restaurant Because Of Service Dog

All businesses open to the public must allow service dogs in, but that was not the case at a Paterson, New Jersey Subway store. Richard Hunter’s troubled life turned around in July when the U.S. Army veteran received a service dog from the non-profit group Dogs4Warriors. The 50-year-old suffers from severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [...]

An Army veteran who was wounded during the Iraq War is worried a citation will result in him losing his 14 pet ducks, which he says are therapeutic and contained in a penned-in area in his backyard. In addition, he has also provided the ducks with a kiddie pools so they can swim. Darin Welker, [...]

You would think that the team that exuded such confidence that they would ferret out Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction, led by popular wartine president George W. Bush, would have planned ahead for the inevitable wave of wounded veterans that are created by the travails of war. Shockingly, they completely failed to do so, and [...]

A Texas veteran was asked to leave Walgreens because of his service dog. Christopher Goodson, who served with the United States Marine Corps, said the altercation happened on Thursday at the store in Mesquite. When Goodson walked in to buy a drink, the manager told him to “get the dog out.” Goodson said, “He could [...]

Iraq war veterans who saw their friends die want to know why they were asked to make sacrifices, as they see the country unravel. Three years after American boots left the ground, Veterans who saw their fellow friends and soldiers bleed and cry and die are now questioning why they ever went in the first [...]

A VA audit just released shows that approximately 100,000 veterans have been waiting for health care, with more than half waiting 90 days or more. In results of an internal audit ordered as the scandal over deadly VA wait times exploded last month, the agency said it found that schedule misreporting was widespread. Of the 731 [...]

Via Being Liberal: Now read this:Republican State Senator Accused Of Getting Welfare While Making Six Figures (Oct 3, 2014) Formerly Anti-War Liberals Now Running As War Hawks (Sep 30, 2014) Dan Rather Goes After Pundits Calling For War (Aug 24, 2014) Lawmakers Who Cut Funds For ALS Research Take Ice Bucket Challenge (Aug 24, 2014) [...]

Sam Foote, an internist who was a Veterans Administration outpatient director for 19 years, is the one who blew the whistle.  His recommendations about how to proceed, he says, are not likely to be taken up by a politicized Washington in an election year. I would much prefer to have Debra A. Draper, the director [...]

General Eric K. Shinseki, a decorated four star general is currently in charge of an inefficient and over stressed Veterans’ Administration.  He is taking all the heat for the systemic failure of VA Hospitals around the country. I was surprised to see President Obama’s former adviser on environmental matters and CNN pundit, Van Jones tweet,  If I were [...]

Senate Republicans blocked legislation in February that would have expanded healthcare for veterans. Supporters said the measure would have brought the most significant changes in decades to U.S. veterans’ programs. For example, it called for 27 new medical facilities to help a healthcare system that is strained by veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. [...]

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