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Good Bye: Washington And Lee University To Remove Confederate flags

Good Bye: Washington And Lee University To Remove Confederate flags

The president of Washington and Lee University on Tuesday announced in a mass email to faculty and students that the battle flags of the Confederacy will be removed from Lee Chapel and that the university in Virginia will continue to study its historical involvement with slavery. After a group of multiracial law school students calling [...]

Virginia Gun Activists Hold Open Carry March And Literally No One Shows Up

More than 300 people were invited on Facebook to march on the Fourth of July with their handguns, rifles and  long guns proudly displayed while walking down the streets of Carytown, Virginia. We presented pictures of those who were to attend the event.  The only problem with their plan was that no one showed up, [...]

Images: Stuff Open Carry Dorks Did To Celebrate The Fourth Of July

Friday marked America’s 238th year as an independent nation and every year that prompts celebratory fireworks on the Fourth of July with fireworks, tons of food and amazing music. At least for most of us. For gun dorks, they found other “patriotic” things to do and naturally that involves firearms because nothing is more important [...]

Busted: Open Carry Activist Poses As Random ‘Target Customer’ In Front Of News Camera At A Moms Group Protest

The same gun humper who has been posting images of himself Open Carrying in the Richmond, Virginia, area Target stores just happened to be at a Moms Demand Action event over the weekend. Oh sure, there are coincidences in life, but the Open Carry groups are notorious for following the gun safety group around, even [...]

Democratic Virginia State Senator Allegedly Took Bribe To Resign, Creating GOP Majority

More information is coming to light about how the Virginia Senate was able to turn Republican. Emails reveal that Republicans secured a majority in the Virginia Senate by allegedly bribing Democratic State Senator Phillip Puckett with a car, a cell phone, a cushy job, and a judgeship for his daughter. In the midst of a [...]

Beat on the Brat

Beat on the Brat

Unbelievably, Ryan Lizza at The New Yorker has fallen for Ayn Rand economist and dime-store Ezekiel David Brat’s positioning of himself as a Tea Party Populist: From what I’ve observed, Brat has not talked like a forty-seven-per-cent conservative complaining about how tax dollars are being shovelled [sic] to the undeserving poor (although maybe he does [...]

Brat’s Stunning Victory Highlights The Fringe Elements Of The GOP

When a Seven Term Republican who votes against President Obama 95% of the time loses a primary to an unknown candidate he outspends 26-1, it raises more than a few eyebrows. Dave Brat, the first opponent to unseat a House Majority Leader since 1899, is a textbook Libertarian. Not figuratively; literally, he’s a professor of economics at Randolph-Macon [...]

Eric Cantor’s Pollster Got Paid $75,000 To Be Wrong By 44 Points

John McLaughlin can’t be happy today. McLaughlin’s firm is the one that famously forecast a 34-percentage-point win by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) in advance of his GOP reelection primary last night. Cantor ended up getting smashed by 10 points, losing to an Ayn Rand-loving economist with tea party backing. McLaughlin tried to explain [...]

Why Cantor Lost

Why Cantor Lost

There is nothing pundits love more than analyzing why they completely missed something and how it has major implications for life as we know it.  Among all the over-analysis produced today, here are the best tidbits I’ve seen.  Harry Enten explains that Cantor did not lose because he was too conservative: Cantor, in contrast to [...]

9 Reasons Why Eric Cantor’s Primary Defeat Is Very Bad News for Everyone

While following the social media reaction to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s primary defeat Tuesday night, I couldn’t help but wonder why anyone outside of the tea party was celebrating this bizarre turn of events. By any measure, David Brat’s victory was really, really bad news for just about everyone, especially and specifically Normals in [...]

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