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Russian Tycoon: Putin’s Inevitable Downfall

A Russian billionaire who spent 10 years as a political prisoner says the downfall of Vladimir Putin is coming. In December 2013, when Vladimir Putin released Mikhail Khodorkovsky from prison after 10 years, the former oil tycoon and political prisoner said he would not enter politics. Only months later, however, he is spending millions to [...]

LL Flashback: Bush And Putin

Via Steve Marmel. Now read this:Michele Bachmann Blames Obama For Release Of ISIS Leader Which Happened During The Bush Admin (Oct 6, 2014) W: Jeb Wants It (Oct 2, 2014) Public School Assignment: Compare Bush To Hitler (Sep 11, 2014) Bush And Clinton: Best Friends? (Sep 8, 2014) Memos Released On Bush Administration’s Justification For [...]

Is recreating the Soviet Union Vladimir Putin’s ultimate goal? Putin adviser Theodore Lukianov dismissed that idea but added this warning: “But the former Soviet states should be recognized by the West as a zone of special interest and exclusive rights for Russia.” That comment is especially chilling for the three former Soviet states or republics [...]

On the same day when a United States Senator, and by that I mean Ted Cruz of Texas, effectively called the President of the United States a “pussy,” folks waiting for dinnertime so they can go out and grill steaks in honor of the hard working men and women whose collective bargaining rights they are [...]

One minute Republicans claim President Obama is a dictator and in the next breath, they claim that he’s weak. Such is the case with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who is widely seen as a potential GOP presidential candidate in 2016. On Saturday, at the conservative group Americans For Prosperity’s Defending The American Dream Summit in [...]

Robert Reich points out that Wall Street banks are helping to prop up Vladimir Putin and asks the question: “Is there anything Wall Street banks won’t do to make more money?” Hidden behind economic sanctions against Russia is the role of Wall Street banks in propping up Putin. Morgan Stanley, for example, earned an estimated [...]

Via Liberals Are Cool:   Now read this:The Crass Menagerie (Jul 31, 2014) George W. Bush Writes Biography Of George H. W. Bush (Jul 30, 2014) Hillary Clinton Applauds President Bush (Jul 28, 2014) Babs Bush Tells George W: Your Dad Was The ‘Best President Ever’ (Jul 24, 2014) Airlines Cancel, FAA Imposes 24-Hour Halt [...]

It wasn’t that long ago. In fact, it was as recent as 2014. Via Steve Marmel: Now read this:Cliven Bundy: ‘It’s Almost Like Black Folks Think White Folks Owe Them Something’ (Oct 18, 2014) Larry Klayman Files To Have Obama Deported (Oct 4, 2014) Tom DeLay: ‘Democrats Want To Destroy You And Your Family’ (Oct [...]

Just this past April, actor Steven Seagal lavishly praised Vladimir Putin and eventook it a step further and said he’d like to live in Russia. That bromance isn’t looking too good right now since many believe Putin has blood all over his hands claws. Many see rebels and Russian seperatists as responsible for downing Malaysian [...]

President Obama lashed out at Russia, calling for their government to rein in the rebel fighters believed by many international leaders to be responsible for downing Malaysian Airlines flight 17 passenger jet and killing all 298 aboard. Obama said Russia has so far failed to stop the rebels from impeding investigators at the site and [...]

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