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Remember When Vladimir Putin Was The Right-Wing’s Favorite World Leader?

Remember When Vladimir Putin Was The Right-Wing’s Favorite World Leader?

It wasn’t that long ago. In fact, it was as recent as 2014. Via Steve Marmel: Now read this:Cliven Bundy’s Son Facing Arrest In Separate Criminal Case (Jul 14, 2014) Always Playing The Victim: #WAAR Claims Republicans Are All Refugees (Jul 14, 2014) .@Marmel: How To Fight Back Against RWNJ Threatening Obama On Twitter (Jul [...]

Steven Seagal Kicked Out Of Music Festival Over Bromance With Putin

Just this past April, actor Steven Seagal lavishly praised Vladimir Putin and eventook it a step further and said he’d like to live in Russia. That bromance isn’t looking too good right now since many believe Putin has blood all over his hands claws. Many see rebels and Russian seperatists as responsible for downing Malaysian [...]

President Obama On Russia: ‘What Are They Trying To Hide?’

President Obama lashed out at Russia, calling for their government to rein in the rebel fighters believed by many international leaders to be responsible for downing Malaysian Airlines flight 17 passenger jet and killing all 298 aboard. Obama said Russia has so far failed to stop the rebels from impeding investigators at the site and [...]

Vladimir Putin Action Figure

Wondering what to get your Republican friends for their birthdays or other special occasion? How about their very own Vladimir Putin action figure? Think about it. There’s no one your Republican friends love and admire more than Vladimir Putin. Imagine the fun they’ll have removing Vladimir’s shirt and showing him off in their homes and [...]

Russian Government Caught Editing Wikipedia Entry On Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

The Russian government has tampered with the Wikipedia page relating to the Malaysian Airlines MH17 flight tragedy. A Twitter bot that keeps an eye  on Wikipedia pages edited by Moscow spotted the major changes to an entry about the crash. According to the Daily News,the page written in Russian, originally said that the plane was “shot down [...]

Putin Gave This Incompetent Zealot Anti-Aircraft Weapons

Meet Igor Girkin, who goes by the military stage name “Igor Strelkov.” The New Yorker‘s David Remnick has the 101 on this extremist zealot: [Former Putin advisor Gleb] Pavlovsky was especially concerned about one of the pro-Russian military leaders in eastern Ukraine, a former (and possibly current) Russian intelligence officer known to most by his nom [...]

Demand For International Probe On MH17 Grows Amid Accusations

The downing of Malaysia Airlines flight 17 in what appears to be an overt act of war gone horrifically wrong has triggered a wave of international reaction. // Now read this:Russia Invades Internet With An Army Of Trolls (Jun 3, 2014) Snowden: ‘Ask The State Department Why I’m In Russia’ (May 28, 2014) Cold Warrior [...]

Malaysia 17 Shootdown: Why Putin Is Screwed, Glued, And Tattooed

It is looking more and more like Russian-backed separatists in the Ukraine are responsible for downing Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 near the Russian border. Ukrainian signal intercepts appear to have captured pro-Russian separatists claiming responsibility for shooting down a Malaysian airliner over rebel-held territory in eastern Ukraine. Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashed en route from Amsterdam [...]

Putin Meets Castro

Putin Meets Castro

Vladimir Putin and Fidel Castro met in Cuba to discuss stronger trade and economic ties. Mr Putin laid a wreath at Revolution Square in Havana with Raúl Castro, the communist island’s president, and later met for an hour behind closed doors with his older brother Fidel, the long-time former dictator. The visit was far from [...]

Putin Tells Obama He Wants Better Relations

In a statement published on the Kremlin website on Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin told President Obama in an Independence Day message that he hopes the countries can improve relations. I see right wing heads exploding over this:  In his message of congratulations, Mr Putin said that he hopes that ties between the two countries, [...]

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