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Two Shot, One Dead In 17-Person Walmart Brawl

The suspects involved in a chaotic scene at an Arizona Walmart are members of the same family. A fight left one suspect dead, another wounded and seven in custody. One of the suspects was shot in the stomach. All eight responding officers were injured, including one 10-year veteran who required surgery. After a report from […]

Sunday night’s shooting ended with the gunman being shot by police. WTVA News reports that Mississippi Bureau of Investigations spokesperson, Warren Strain, tells them that 34-year-old Howard Brent Means, Jr., from Tishomingo was firing at police when he was shot and killed around 6 p.m. The officer hurt in the shootout was taken to a […]

Some customer thought this was too religious, and complained. Walmart told the greeter to stop saying it.  John Phillips never anticipated the backlash. Even Phillips has expressed that he was quite surprised by the outpour of support. He recently shared his opinion of the community’s decision to stand behind him. While Philips told WSB-TV that […]

A 2-year-old child reached into his mother’s purse, took out a gun and pulled the trigger. The woman reportedly had a concealed carry permit. The unidentified mother was shopping with her son along with several relatives in the store when the boy, sitting in the front of the shopping cart, found the gun in her […]

To Walmart the happiest time of the year, Christmas, means the biggest money making time of the year and anything else associated with the season is just an annoyance to be gotten out of the way. In Klamath Falls, Oregon last week a group of kids formed a flash mob in front of the cash […]

Sometimes you just crave cow tongue and you’ll do anything for it. Lots of it. 6 pounds of it. Or maybe Jason Puckett just wanted to feel close to a cow so he stuffed $35.35 worth of the animal’s tongue in his pants. WGHP reports: A Florida man is under arrest after police say he […]

Just in time for Thanksgiving last week, a man in Asheville, North Carolina broke into a gun safe at Walmart, and helped himself to an AR-15 rifle on-camera. He stuffed the gun down his pants, grabbed 150 rounds of ammo, and made his way out of the store. Now police are looking for the man, […]

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, a time when we’re all supposed to be grateful for things in life, so naturally, at a Houston Walmart, customers fought over a TV. For those people who aren’t observing the Black Friday boycott, you kind of deserve this: We’ll be posting more videos as they come in today. Be […]

Last week, I noted an Oklahoma Walmart that decided to demonstrate privatized charity for the world – by running a food-drive for it’s employees, because raising wages is just too hard. That was for Thanksgiving. In return, the employees have decided to give Alice Walton, the heiress and daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton, an […]

An Oklahoma Walmart store is asking employees to donate food to other employees who are poverty-stricken this Thanksgiving. Making Change at Walmart, a pro-labor organization, recently posted a picture of a canned food drive at an Oklahoma City Walmart on Facebook along with this text: Rather than agree to pay a decent wage or provide […]

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