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Oklahoma Republicans Push ‘Merry Christmas’ Bill

Oklahoma Republicans Push ‘Merry Christmas’ Bill

We all know that evil liberals have stopped good, God-fearing Christians from saying the words “Merry Christmas,” and thank God that the good patriots of Oklahoma are doing something about it! [The Bill] authorizes public school students, teachers and other school staff members to greet each other with traditional phrases like merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah [...]

Liberal Lands On Conservative Radio (What I Did On My Christmas Vacation)

In an attempt to bring Progressive wisdom to the Conservative masses, this Liberaland contributor recently ventured into enemy territory to bring a new perspective to Right Wing talk radio. Deep in ‘Red’ Charlotte County Florida I was generously invited to respond to former Congressman Allen West and speak on the Ray Jr. Show on WCCF [...]

Oklahoma Church Ruins Poor Family’s Christmas; Atheists Come To Family’s Aid

Via our friends at Raw Story comes this tale of Oklahoma atheists showing the true spirit of the season of giving: A group of local atheists saved Christmas for a Chickasha woman after she and her baby were allegedly put through the ringer at a church’s toy give away. Tiffany Wait said she, her husband [...]

After all, Jesus was not only white, he was American, am I right? I’m no many atheists and non-Christians, (I fall in to at least one of these categories), and I’ve never heard anyone taking offense and the words “Merry Christmas.” But unless the right makes believe that is the case, there can be no [...]

Christopher: The ‘Filthy Liberals’ Not Wishing You A Merry Christmas

Tommy lists some of those “filthy liberals” who have the nerve to put out “Happy Holiday” greetings, disrespecting the Baby Jesus. Among them: the “holiday” greeting from the Republican National Committee (pictured). Also on the heathen list are Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Reince Priebus, and the McCain Family. Happy Holidays! Now read this:P.J. O’Rourke: 27 [...]

Gitmo Troops Complain About Nativity Scene

The Navy will remove Nativity scenes at Guantanamo after troops complained that it promoted Christianity. Both Nativity scenes will be moved to the courtyard of the base chapel, said Kelly Wirfel, a spokeswoman for Capt. John Nettleton, commander of the base in southeastern Cuba. The displays were set up by foreign contractors who manage the [...]

First Baptist Church of Dallas Robert Jeffress, who is a friend of mine, nevertheless believes Satan is behind the War on Christmas. That’s what he told another friend of mine, Bill O’Reilly. And for anyone to say there isn’t a War on Christmas™, to Jeffress, you would have to be “extremely naïve or intentionally deceptive.” [...]

Flying Spaghetti Monster Joins Wisconsin State Capitol Holiday Religious Display

The state that brought us Scott Walker, the Green Bay Packers, and rhb has added a new figure to their holiday display of religious iconography. All hail the glory of his noodly appendage! The Flying Spaghetti Monster has joined the array of holiday displays at the Wisconsin state capitol. The Monster, a symbol of the [...]

Christmas Lights In Shape Of Middle Finger

For the second year in a row, Sarah Childs has put up Christmas lights in the shape of a middle finger on her Louisiana home. This year Childs upped her “holiday spirit” by putting up two middle fingers instead of the usual one. But Childs insists the second “flipping of the bird” is just retribution [...]

Sarah Palin: ESPN ‘Afraid To Support Freedom’

Sarah Palin’s latest target is ESPN, which rejected an ad from a St. Louis Catholic hospital because it mentioned Jesus. The ad concludes by asking viewers to “help us reveal God’s healing presence this Christmas. Send your message of hope at Glennon.org.” ESPN reportedly found “we celebrate the birth of Jesus” and “help us reveal [...]

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