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Republican Congressman-Elect Continues War On Christmas

Congressman-elect Barry Laudermilk of Georgia told the Family Research Council’s “Washington Watch” that the left is trying to ruin Christmas. It’s always been an honored time but just recently it seems like it has gotten to the point where we have to even defend our rights that are given to us to celebrate the birth […]

The last time I wrote about Christmas I thought I was being pretty polite, considering the message I was getting from my friends and relatives and neighbors.  To wit:  How DARE you even THINK about not wishing me a Merry Christmas!  Which, of course, led me to respond by pleading “not guilty”–which caused me to […]

To Walmart the happiest time of the year, Christmas, means the biggest money making time of the year and anything else associated with the season is just an annoyance to be gotten out of the way. In Klamath Falls, Oregon last week a group of kids formed a flash mob in front of the cash […]

The Department of Public Works was told by the Marshfield, MA building commission that the sign was too large. Workers have removed a flashing road sign with a message of Merry Christmas – first from public property and then from private land – at the request of town officials. In an effort to spread some […]

The Great Duel of Our Times is on. The Eternal Battle Between Good and Evil has come to the fore; not in the valley of Megiddo, as we might have expected, but a bit closer to home. Specifically, Lansing, Michigan. More specifically, on the lawn of the Michigan State Capitol building, where lawmaker Rick Jones […]

A billboard posted in Arkansas as part of a New Jersey-based group’s campaign targeting “in-the-closet atheists who are pressured to observe religious traditions during the holidays” prompted a local church to purchase an ad of their own to appear on the same digital display. American Atheists, a national group with headquarters in Cranford, is behind […]

The Freedom From Religion Foundation threatened to sue if the scene were not removed from the Jay, Florida city hall. According to Weartv.com, the organization became aware of the nativity scene after receiving a complaint from a Jay resident. “It is our understanding that the town of Jay owns and erects a nativity in front […]

Also, can we please settle on a spelling of Chanukah, also of Hanukkah. According to Hallmark, the wrapping paper was pulled from store shelves after the company received a complaint on Sunday night from a Walgreen’s customer in California, who noticed the pattern seemed to contain swastikas. By Monday, Hallmark had already recalled the paper, […]

The War on Thanksgiving 2014.

Big Business’ outrageous attempt to destroy America’s only universal holiday. Family values take second place to corporate greed. Message to America – money is more important than your family. In virtually all cases, retailers explain their decisions to open on Thanksgiving by pointing back at consumers—saying that shopping time on the holiday and “flexible” store […]

A woman’s job is to be happy for her kids, cook and decorate, although if the little lady does have to leave the house, it’s okay, as long as you’re going to see Kirk Cameron’s movie, “Saving Christmas.” If only those horrible liberals didn’t try to end this holiday by refusing to say “Merry Christmas”. […]

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