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Top Democrat Calls For Radio Stations To Drop Rush Limbaugh After He Suggested ‘No Means Yes’

A top Democrat on Tuesday called on radio stations to stop broadcasting the Rush Limbaugh Show after the conservative radio host mocked rape victims by suggesting that no means “yes.” Ohio State University’s new sexual assault policies require students to agree to sexual activity, rather than leaving it up to someone that can’t tell yes from [...]

The NFL just doesn’t get it. So, one of their sponsors is suddenly in a bit of a pickle after Cover Girl, the “official beauty partner” of the NFL released its ad titled, “Get your game face on!” Naturally, that ad was splendidly hijacked after the Ray Rice video was released showing the football player [...]

Now read this:Weed Killer Used To Make Image Of Male Genitalia On Ball Field (Sep 12, 2014) Ted Cruz Booed Off Stage (Sep 11, 2014) Commuters Shocked When Statue Of Satan With An Enormous Schlong Is Erected (Sep 10, 2014) Pizza Joint Continues To Give ‘Church Bulletin Discount’ (Sep 6, 2014) Kevin Sorbo To Jews: [...]

Judge Mark Fuller, a George W. Bush appointee, had reportedly checked into an unspecified “treatment program” in order to avoid prosecution after being charged in August with domestic battery. This scenario is not unfamiliar for Fuller. He’s not a first time offender and had beaten a previous wife as well. Once Fuller completes his one [...]

 According to Buzzfeed, singer CeeLo Green Green took to his Twitter account to defend himself shortly after pleading no contest to charges that he slipped a woman the drug ecstasy in her drink. Green wrote that rape was only possible when the victim was/is conscious.. Examples of thee 39-year-old singer’s tweets following his sentencing, which have [...]

If we could all just listen to Phyllis Schlafly, we could get this country to where it belongs: in the first part of the last century. Being married makes a man care more about his family’s expectations and future because he sees his family as enduring. It also makes him more faithful and committed to [...]

Governor Tom Corbett, likely believing he was doing his part to help the Republican Party appeal to women, said one good reason for the state’s liquor reform law is that it would allow women to pick up liquor faster so they could get home and make dinner. You see, in Pennsylvania, you can buy liquor [...]

This report was commissioned by two Republican groups, including one backed by Karl Rove. Women are “barely receptive” to Republicans’ policies, and the party does “especially poorly” with women in the Northeast and Midwest, according to an internal Crossroads GPS and American Action Network report obtained by POLITICO. It was presented to a small number [...]

Jerry Lewis has made some comments about female comedians he’s tried to walk back, but not very successfully. As a result, he’ll be picketed when the New York Friar’s Club honors him next month. Lewis, 88, once said, “I don’t like female comedians . . . a woman doing comedy doesn’t offend me but sets me back a [...]

“Birth control!” At a political debate on Thursday night, a GOP candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives left the room laughing after he struggled to answer a question on his position on reproductive rights. Rep. Mike Coffman (R), who’s running for re-election in Colorado’s 6th congressional district, needed help from the crowd to remember [...]

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