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Conservative Group: Date Rape Drugs Are A Myth, So Don’t Worry Ladies

A Conservative group, the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, which states it is “dedicated to research and education on issues of government, politics, economics and social welfare” released a video which will hurt your brain because it’s just that stupid. To this “there is no war on women” group, date drugs are a [...]

Because this is what he does. In his national radio program yesterday, the conservative radio host read at length from a poll our sister organization, the Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund, released on Monday with Stan Greenberg of Democracy Corps. Our poll found that, in the 12 Senate battleground states, unmarried women favor Democratic [...]

It’s always comical to watch the party that never stops screeching about “identity politics” try its hand at nakedly empty appeals to those same groups, especially when their fake members are more compelling than the nine real ones. Hot on the heels of their “Republicans are people, too” campaign that included stock photos of people who [...]

A radical anti-choice law in Alabama. would put minors on trial if they do not obtain parental consent. A guardian is appointed for their fetus, and could drag family, friends, and acquaintances into court. In addition, the fetus gets a lawyer. No, seriously. The child (already alive) seeking the abortion (not alive) would be put [...]

The category, “What Women Want,” led to a series of cues that ignored what century it is. “Some help around the house; would it kill you to get out the Bissel Bagless canister one of these every once in a while?” was one of the clues. The correct answer? “What is a vacuum cleaner?” Another [...]

Forbes magazine has removed Bill Frezza’s column from its website and removed Bill Frezza from its staff. An example of Frezza’s prose: “As recriminations against fraternities mount and panicked college administrators search for an easy out, one factor doesn’t seem to be getting sufficient analysis: drunk female guests.” The column appeared only days after a [...]

A top Democrat on Tuesday called on radio stations to stop broadcasting the Rush Limbaugh Show after the conservative radio host mocked rape victims by suggesting that no means “yes.” Ohio State University’s new sexual assault policies require students to agree to sexual activity, rather than leaving it up to someone that can’t tell yes from [...]

The NFL just doesn’t get it. So, one of their sponsors is suddenly in a bit of a pickle after Cover Girl, the “official beauty partner” of the NFL released its ad titled, “Get your game face on!” Naturally, that ad was splendidly hijacked after the Ray Rice video was released showing the football player [...]

Now read this:Kirk Cameron: Halloween Is A Christian Holiday (Oct 21, 2014) Ocean Sex Leads to Man’s Penis Getting Stuck (Oct 18, 2014) Scientists Ready To Test Lab-Grown Penises On Men (Oct 5, 2014) Christian Group To Americans: Make More Non-Muslim Babies (Oct 3, 2014) Pew: White Evangelicals Consider Themselves An Oppressed Minority (Sep 24, [...]

Judge Mark Fuller, a George W. Bush appointee, had reportedly checked into an unspecified “treatment program” in order to avoid prosecution after being charged in August with domestic battery. This scenario is not unfamiliar for Fuller. He’s not a first time offender and had beaten a previous wife as well. Once Fuller completes his one [...]

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