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Republican Leader Can Name You Two Chicks Right Off The Top Of His Head

The War on Women couldn’t save Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.), but it did save 20 out of 21 Republican committee chairmanships for the white guys who wage it. Just two years after their 2012 election thrashing at the hands of women, minority, and young voters forced them to commission a soul-searching “autopsy report,” Republicans have […]

A woman’s job is to be happy for her kids, cook and decorate, although if the little lady does have to leave the house, it’s okay, as long as you’re going to see Kirk Cameron’s movie, “Saving Christmas.” If only those horrible liberals didn’t try to end this holiday by refusing to say “Merry Christmas”. […]

Funny that conservatives defended men catcalling a woman walking down the street in viral video but, somehow, calling Joni Ernst “attractive” is “very” offensive. “I was very offended that Sen. Harkin would say that, I think it’s unfortunate that he and many in their party believe that you can’t be a real woman if you’re […]

Billy Joe Turner, 76, allegedly conducted a sexual assault against a 39-year-old woman while allowing it to be seen on Skype. “On Oct. 22, dispatch received a 911 call at approximately 4 p.m. of what was believed to be an assault and rape,” Union County Sheriff Investigator Staff Sgt. Darren Osborn told the newspaper. “It […]

Conservative talk show host Dennis Prager, at an event supporting Florida Governor Rick Scott, said sexual assault as a campus issue is a “big lie” invented by the “feminist left.” At the Sarasota Hyatt, Prager began by calling the idea of a war on women “a gargantuan lie to get votes,” and then turned to […]

Rush Limbaugh wants to know just “what really is the big deal here” about the woman in the viral video who gets catcalls and propositions as she walks through the streets of Manhattan. “I was expecting some really boorish, sexist, dangerous, I was expecting some real real rotten conduct by guys and and I didn’t […]

I’m sure Rep. Louis Gohmert would say the same about Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove, et al. During an interview with Newsmax today, the Texas Congressman said that voters shouldn’t trust state senator and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis because she has been divorced. Because he knows stuff. Right Wing Watch reports: When host Ed Berliner asked […]

The Republican Party of Florida, obviously desperate in the last days of the gubernatorial campaign, put out a vicious hit piece on Charlie Crist. Now read this:FSU Gunman Identified As Myron May (Nov 20, 2014) 3 Shot At Florida State University Before Gunman Killed By Police (Nov 20, 2014) 9-Year-Old Florida Girl Shoots 8-Year-Old Brother […]

Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry made an announcement Thursday warning women that they will face arrest if they participate in upcoming protests against the kingdom’s ban on female drivers. The warning comes as a right-to-drive campaign culminates this weekend, at the same time as last year when more than a dozen women were arrested for getting […]

A Conservative group, the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, which states it is “dedicated to research and education on issues of government, politics, economics and social welfare” released a video which will hurt your brain because it’s just that stupid. To this “there is no war on women” group, date drugs are a […]

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