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Republican War On Women Continues

It would be nice for Republican politicians to stop talking about female reproductive processes. You can “like” us on Facebook, and you should  Now read this:White Man To Black Waitress: ‘I Would Like To Take You Where I Hung Your Grandpa’ (Jan 30, 2015) 5 People Call 911 When Facebook Goes Down For An Hour […]

GOP Women Are Revolting

There continues to be some glitches in obvious anagram Reince Priebus’ epic rebranding of The Confederacy, er, GOP: Several Republican congresswomen are reportedly splitting from their party on a national abortion bill that’s scheduled for a vote in the House next week, raising concerns that the legislation is too extreme and will alienate female voters. […]

There are some people who don’t need to be suggesting things, because everything they suggest is just straight up wrong. There is absolutely nothing correct about anything they say, and the only time they’re right is when they get hit with “Stopped Clock” syndrome – and that stopped clock is on military time. Conservative icon […]

Missouri State Rep. Rick Brattin is defending his bill that would require a woman to get permission from the man who got her pregnant before she could get an abortion. “It’s not a woman’s body with an abortion. It’s a child’s body.” Brattin told KHSB-TV. “It’s a child’s life that’s taken. The woman’s life is […]

Anti-choicers see an opportunity to push their agenda with a big majority in the House and a Republican Senate. The Wall Street Journal reports: “At the top of the agenda: legislation that would ban abortions at 20 weeks of pregnancy or later, pushing the legal boundaries set by the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision. […]

To The National Review‘s Rich Lowry, forcing yourself on someone for a kiss isn’t sexual assault. …Van Jones asked if…Lowry didn’t think certain actions performed without consent constituted sexual assault, whether he would mind them being done to him. The argument started when Jones brought up the much-cited and much-disputed statistic that 1 in 5 […]

The Oxford University student, now 22, was bullied when she was 12, and she got her revenge. …instead of rejecting him, she decided to do something else to help him understand how his actions affected her. In an interview with BuzzFeed, Louisa Manning said she was first bullied at the age of 12, and for […]

You can blame it all on the ’60’s and the women’s libbers, says likely 2016 candidate Ben Carson. “Certainly in a lot of our inner cities, in particular the black inner cities, where 73 percent of the young people are born out of wedlock, the majority of them have no father figure in their life. Usually […]

With Republicans in the legislative seat, expect new anti-abortion laws to be forthcoming. It’s not just because of House and Senate victories, but Republicans in statehouses and state legislatures. Arkansas, for instance, already has strict anti-abortion laws. But with a Republican governor succeeding a Democrat who had vetoed two measures that would have banned most […]

The next Speaker of the Nevada Assembly, Ira Hansen, has an interesting oratorical past. [Hansen] has a long history of racist, sexist and homophobic statements chronicled in a long list published by the Reno News Review. Among other things, as part of a broader statement of support for school vouchers, Hansen claimed that “[t]he relationship […]

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