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ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Says Women Shouldn’t ‘Provoke’ Men To Domestic Violence

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Says Women Shouldn’t ‘Provoke’ Men To Domestic Violence

The two-game suspension of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice for domestic violence has provoked angry reaction from fans and commentators, but ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith wants to remind everyone that the ladies should be sure not to “do anything to provoke” violence from men. On Friday morning’s First Take, Smith said that while he agreed that [...]

Akin Bad: GOP’s ‘Legitimate Rape’ Poster Boy Gives Long Rapey Interview

As the GOP continues to fail miserably at reaching out to women (or anyone else who is not an old white man), Todd Akin continues to helpfully make the rounds talking about “legitimate rape,” as he did in an interview with Chuck Todd Thursday morning. In case you missed it, then-Congressman Akin (R-MO), in 2012, [...]

The GOP Quote Everyone’s Talking About Is Actually Being Taken Out Of Context

Does the Republican Party richly deserve to have their conference on messaging to women be represented by the more perfect than perfect quote urging male GOPers to “bring it down to a woman’s level?” Maybe, but that remark by Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-N.C.) actually is being taken out of context to suggest that she thinks [...]

Mitch McConnell Accuses Democrats Of Giving Women ‘Preferential Treatment’

Not that there’s a war on women or anything. Mitch McConnell, fighting to keep his job against Alison Lundergan Grimes, says there are plenty of women CEO’s and we’re pretty much at total equality. So what are the little ladies whining about, eh? “I don’t grant the assumption that we need to sort of give [...]

Republican Congresswoman Urges Her Party To Bring Discussion ‘Down To A Woman’s Level’

Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC), chair of the Republican Women’s Policy Committee, is apparently the head of her party’s wildly successful outreach to women program, too. Ellmers participated on Friday in a panel on women and the Republican Party, which was not one of their better ideas. The GOP hasn’t  actually had any good ideas on outreaching [...]

Alaska Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Continues The War On Women

Joe Miller is worried about single moms. Too many of them and we’re doomed. This is exactly the kind of statements Republicans need to broaden their base and get elected. And then they get upset when you point out their war on women. Miller told a conservative radio host “a culture can’t survive” single parent households. Actually, [...]

Todd Akin Is Typing Mean Words At Republicans And They Want Him To Shut Up

Todd “Let’s talk about rape” Akin is, of course, talking about rape again in his new book. Republicans have a message for him: Shut the f*ck up.  Previously, Akin apologized for saying, “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” But now the Missouri Republican is taking [...]

EXCLUSIVE: Audio Of Alleged Texas Teen Rape Victim And One Of The Accused After The Incident

16-year-old Jada was allegedly raped last month in Texas. The high school junior said she had no idea what would take place that night when she went to a friend of a friend’s home. Since we reported that story, I was contacted via email by a friend of one of the men involved, who sent me [...]

Democratic Bill Would Override Hobby Lobby Decision

Democrats are fast-tracking a bill that would override the Supreme Court’s decision allowing owners of corporations to force employees to live by their own religious beliefs. The measure, from Sens. Patty Murray of Washington and Mark Udall of Colorado, would prohibit companies from discriminating against female employees in any health coverage that is guaranteed under [...]

Teen Is Raped, Kids Share Images And Videos On Social Media, ‘Everybody Knows’

UPDATE: We have obtained exclusive audio of the alleged victim and one of the accused. Typically, we wouldn’t publish the name of a rape victim, but Jada and her mother have given their permission to KHOU. 16-year-old Jada accepted an invitation to the home of a friend of a friend last month in Texas.“Just kids [...]

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