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Liberaland Update And One More Question For The Community

Thanks for all your feedback about what you like/don’t like, want/don’t want. As a result, I’ve decided to move to the Andes and become a shepherd I have a good idea about what will work for us.  Of course, no site is perfect, and no matter what changes you make not everyone will like everything […]

It’s lookin’ good over at Freakoutnation.com. Anomaly has been a tremendous asset to Liberaland and will continue to appear in our comment section and help us out on social media. And she will continue to email me privately to tell me about all the mistakes I make (which are man many). We’ll also repost some […]

Retired Yankee Derek Jeter is debuting a website where players and fans can interact. I do think fans deserve more than “no comments” or “I don’t knows.” Those simple answers have always stemmed from a genuine concern that any statement, any opinion or detail, might be distorted. I have a unique perspective. Many of you saw […]

Due to a metaphorical sharknado of increased Web traffic and commenting here at Liberaland, we are upgrading to a newer, faster server (four hamster wheels instead of two). The transition should be mostly smooth and seamless, though there is likely to be a short period or two of downtime after 12:01am Pacific time. Now read […]

It’s called Not Alone, and allows women a to share their experiences and get support. After Emily Letts posted a video of her own abortion procedure on YouTube, she knew it would spark a discussion. She wanted to open up a space to talk honestly about the medical procedure. The 25-year-old New Jersey resident also […]

        As Anomaly at Freak Out Nation has announced, we have steamrolled over her site agreed to create a bigger liberal presence on the web  by appropriating merging our efforts. It is my hope that she will eventually go away together we can build a bigger, more robust community. I hope you […]

Breitbart Launches New Site With Lewd Images of Democratic Figures (via FreakOutNation) Conservative publication Breitbart launched their site “Breitbart California’ and to add to their ‘journalistic’ credentials, Breitbarted images were added of of major Democratic and liberal figures in compromising poses and positions. Those… Now read this:Monsanto Lobbyist Says Herbicide Safe To Drink; Runs Away […]

This certainly can’t help the National Republican Congressional Committee’s reputation. Let’s hope Google does the same to several other similar sites designed to fool Democrats into contributing to Republicans. This is probably not what the National Republican Congressional Committee was expecting when they decided to make the contribution page on their websites targeting Democratic candidates […]

House Oversight Committee Chair, who spends all his time investigating the Obama administration has called HHS Secreatary Kathleen Sebelius a liar, and is now out to prove it.  He accused her of providing “false and misleading” testimony to Congress and now wants yet another investigation. In a letter to Sebelius, Issa said he would give […]

The wily hackers at Anonymous have a particular dislike of bigots, so it comes as no surprise that when they discover a high-profile “white pride” Web presence with a great big security hole, they will leave their trademark calling card, as Raw Story‘s Eric Dolan reports: The official website of the Nationalist Movement, a white […]

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