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37% Of Americans Live On Financial Edge

It’s frightening how many Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck and barely surviving. If your rainy day fund is light, you have plenty of company. According to a newly released report from Bankrate, 24 percent of Americans have more credit card debt than emergency savings, and 13 percent are not much better off—they don’t have credit card […]

This is another reason those who are living on the margins should be thankful there’s a Democrat in the White House. Right now, as it stands, employers can pay full-time workers a low salary, and force them to work 50, 60, 70, and even 80 hours without paying them a single dime extra. This is […]

There’s a fuss going on in Michigan over whether the state should mandate paid sick leave for all workers.  It’s the Democrats who are proposing it but the Republicans dominate the government, so at this point it’s not a question of winning the issue, it’s a question of how far their bill gets before it […]

Is it too much government to regulate that workers in restaurants should wash their hands after bathroom breaks? Senator Tom Tillis says the market should take care of this issue. Tillis made the declaration at to the Bipartisan Policy Center, at the end of a question and answer with the audience. He was relaying a […]

The man who walks 21 miles to work each day will have to walk no more. The Detroit Free Press tells the story. After the Free Press told of Robertson’s arduous 21-mile trek to and from his suburban factory job, the story inspired thousands of donations from across the nation. A day later, the soft-spoken […]

Portland is a big strip club town, and the women, like Elle Stanger, are working with the legislature to make things better. “Some of the buildings are literally dilapidated and not maintained,” Stanger said. “You have entertainers that could injure themselves from broken glass on the stage, poor wiring with the sound system. We just […]

If you remember back to the ’12 Election, CEO of Westgate Resorts David Siegel told his employees that he may have to lay them off if Barack Obama was reelected as president. If you were wondering how that subtle threat to thousands of people who depend on him turned out, you may be a little […]

Low-wage workers, millions in number, will have more pocket change as of today, to do simple things like afford transportation to work. Rita Diaz, 26, who works two low-wage jobs, sometimes walks the three miles home from her job serving chicken at a Popeye’s fast-food restaurant in Roslindale, Mass., when she doesn’t have money for […]

It is, after all, disgusting habit that takes lives and costs money for both users and anyone who has to clean up after them. …the Pima County Board of Supervisors will vote later this month on a policy that would refuse the hiring of any smokers. The proposal would also impose a 30 percent health-insurance […]

Last week, I noted an Oklahoma Walmart that decided to demonstrate privatized charity for the world – by running a food-drive for it’s employees, because raising wages is just too hard. That was for Thanksgiving. In return, the employees have decided to give Alice Walton, the heiress and daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton, an […]

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