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Nevada Republican: Pimps Should Be Castrated

Nevada State Rep. Michele Fiore, who declared racism over before referring to a colleague as “colored,” wants pimps to lose vital organs. She proposed the penalty during discussion of a bill intended to help women escape the sex trade by requiring truck stops, fast-food restaurants, and other establishments to post a toll-free number where they […]

Conservatives are losing their sh*t again after a unsourced post by QPolitical was published, which apparently was taken straight from a piece by Andy Borowitz, the political satirist. Conservatives are pissed, y’all. They’re also racists. One commenter writes, “Everything this filthy negro does has done is Madness!!” [sic] QPolitical claimed in their post that President […]

Would-be presidential candidate Carly Fiorna says our economy is in the dumper because American workers are “watching porn all day.” Andrew at Liberal America opines: Fiorina, during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” said she could impove the American economy by cutting the pay of federal employees and asserted that they are “watching porn all […]

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – Authorities say the driver of a pickup truck that crashed into the side of a house in Salt Lake City acknowledged drinking 36 beers and doing cocaine. A probable cause statement says Bernabe Urcino-Saldago told police what he had consumed after he failed a field sobriety test early Monday. The […]

Let’s see if they put that one up. Karen Davis reportedly chased the car, lifted up her shirt and bared her breasts to the camera. When the Google Street View of Davis and the street first went online, it originally included her bare breasts, but they have since been blurred out, noted The Smoking Gun. Davis told […]

The Pennsylvania teacher has been arrested after telling the student she wanted to run away with her. Geraldine Alcorn, 28, resigned from Beechwood Elementary School on March 2, after school officials “were made aware of concerns that a teacher had developed an improper attachment” with a student, WPXI reports. Alcorn allegedly sent the young girl […]

Scott Walker embarrassed himself when he compared Wisconsin protesters to ISIS. He backed off of that comparison (a little) but then embarrassed himself all over again when he compared ISIS to a computer virus. Walker has outdone himself again by stating that his being an Eagle Scout has prepared him to be Commander in Chief […]

Could it be possible that President Barack Obama is a greater imminent threat to the United States than his counterparts in Russia and Syria? It is, according to the findings of a joint poll of Americans, conducted by Reuters and Ipsos. The poll, which was conducted among 2,809 Americans, showed that 34 percent of Republicans […]

Republican Arizona Senator Sylvia Allen wants a ‘moral rebirth of this country’ and suggested lawmakers should debate forcing people to attend church services once a week. That’s worked out so well for pedo-priests “How we get to back to a moral rebirth of this country, I don’t know, since we are slowly eroding religion at […]

Here’s yet another example of why fraternities should go the way of knickers. The shocking video was removed from YouTube for violating the site’s codes of conduct shortly after it was originally uploaded. The young man, who is believed to be a student at Florida State University, is being sought after by PETA. The animal […]

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