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Republican Political Consultant Arrested For Impersonating A Cop

27-year-old Kyle P. Adams, a political consultant and former head of the Hampton Republican Party in Newport News, Virginia, was charged on Wednesday with several crimes related to impersonating a police officer. The charges of two counts of impersonating a police officer, two counts of abduction, and two counts of use of a firearm in […]

An Oklahoma Walmart store is asking employees to donate food to other employees who are poverty-stricken this Thanksgiving. Making Change at Walmart, a pro-labor organization, recently posted a picture of a canned food drive at an Oklahoma City Walmart on Facebook along with this text: Rather than agree to pay a decent wage or provide […]

The couple had gone to a Springfield, OR strip club and couldn’t contain themselves once they got back in their car. This led to a traffic jam. Oh, and it was right by a jail. Police told KVAL that Kelli M. Knutson, 24, and Logan P. Jackson, 33, apparently went to a strip club together, […]

When a customer at a restaurant complains to management that the gay man who served them was too much of a “f*ggot” for them to enjoy their meal, the last thing those people deserve is an apology – but that’s what a customer received at a Houston, Texas restaurant last Wednesday. Nineteen-year-old Blake Butler, a […]

Charles Manson’s future mother-in-law believes the killer truly loves her daughter. “He does. I think he does,” Melissa Burton, 48, of Bunker Hill, Illinois, told ABC News this morning. “She has been good to him.” Manson has also been good to her daughter, Burton added. Charles Manson Set to Tie the Knot With 26-Year-Old Woman […]

In case you’ve ever wished you had an extra digit, former MLB player Jose Canseco says he’s selling the finger he shot off on eBay. Bonus: It’s the middle finger and you can never have too many of those. In October, Canseco accidentally shot his finger off, but doctors reattached it. However, last Thursday while […]

Ernesto Hernandez of Pennsylvania noticed the face of Jesus on the chicken breast he was about to eat for dinner. “I always kid to my wife she’s such a divine cook and I’m about to fork into my chicken and, lo and behold, there’s a picture of what looks like Jesus to me,” Hernandez said. […]

When you shine a light on the KKK while their hoods are ripped off of their heads, they scatter like cockroaches while playing victim. If you’re close friends with Lisa Ancona, Frank of the Traditionalist American Knights of the KKK’s wife, then perhaps you should rethink your life. I’m just sayin’… A woman threatened to […]

That is the charge against 28-year-old Robinson. [Robinson] stands accused of murdering his 350-pound father, chopping the body into small pieces, placing those pieces into a set of stacked storage boxes, and using the assemblage as a TV stand. Authorities found the body only after a downstairs neighbor noticed “pink liquid” dripping through his ceiling, […]

Charles Manson Getting Married

The murderer met his 26-year-old bride-to-be in prison. Where else? The Kings County marriage license, viewed Monday by The Associated Press, was issued Nov. 7 for the 80-year-old Manson and Afton Elaine Burton, who left her Midwestern home nine years ago and moved to Corcoran, California – the site of the prison – to be near […]

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