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Bruce Jenner Ready To Declare Who He Is

It’s been a long time coming. Please “like” us on Facebook Now read this:Pope Meets Privately With Transsexual Man And Fianceé After Local Priest Denounced Him (Jan 27, 2015) Cop Indicted For Arson Not Suspended, Keeps Job (Jan 24, 2015) N.J. man again facing child porn charges after allegedly asking 11-year-old to date him (Jan […]

Okay, so I exaggerate, but only slightly. Republican Rep. Charlie Dent, who is in a Pennsylvania district Mitt Romney won in 2012 just 51 to 48 percent, last weeklamented the kinds of issues House Republicans have been taking up so far in this new 114th Congress. In his words: “Week one, we had a Speaker […]

Brit Alan Barfield is the defendant. Despite Barfield’s claims that he didn’t engage in sexual intercourse with the Shetland pony, owner Jodie Watson says the animal looked uncomfortable the following day. Reports also say that horse DNA was found on a sample taken from Barfield and that police discovered bestiality images on his phone. The […]

He claims President Obama is using the blizzard to declare martial law in New York City. It’s absurd, not only because it’s, well, absurd, but because the blizzard never even approached blizzard proportions in New York City. President Obama, our great leader, wants to declare martial law in New York City as a means of […]

It would be nice for Republican politicians to stop talking about female reproductive processes. You can “like” us on Facebook, and you should  Now read this:Rios: Obama Gave Subliminal Muslim Messages In SOTU (Jan 21, 2015) Soap Company Pulls Cleanser With Mosque Picture After Complaints (Jan 21, 2015) British Doctor On Trial In Landmark Case […]

Larry Green is still alive, and in a nursing home, and should never have been put in a body bag. Liberaland is awaiting your “like” on Facebook Now read this:Dinesh D’Sousa Likens Himself To Martin Luther King, Jr. (Jan 19, 2015) Jesus Found In Dog’s Ear (Jan 19, 2015) Miss Lebanon Slammed For Selfie With […]

It could happen here, too, and the caller could be John Boehner. We hope you like us enough to “like” us on Facebook Now read this:Disgruntled Ex-Employee Breaks Into Boss’s Office; Trashes It With Glitter An Silly String (Jan 17, 2015) Christian Mom Furious After Seeing Satanic Symbol In School Bus Lights (Jan 17, 2015) […]

She’ll get only community service. “Like” Liberaland on Facebook, if you really like Liberaland Now read this:Lindsey Graham Asks AG Nominee To Explain Legal Difference Between Gay Marriage And Polygamy (Jan 28, 2015) Oklahoma Bill Would Result In Marriage Only For The Religious (Jan 24, 2015) Sex Ed Cartoon Features Dancing Genitalia (Jan 17, 2015) […]

Maybe he watched “Weekend At Bernie’s” too many times. Now read this:RIP Joe Franklin, 1926-2015 (Jan 25, 2015) RIP Ernie Banks, 1931-2015 (Jan 24, 2015) Saudi Arabian King Abdulla Dead At 90 (Jan 22, 2015) Britain’s Oldest Person Dead At 114 (Jan 17, 2015) Sarah Palin Calls Obama ‘Chicken’ (Jan 15, 2015) New York To […]

Anomaly at Freak Out Nation gives you the most bizarre, unhinged appearance ever of the reality TV star. And that’s saying a lot, don’t you think? Toby Harden, a Conservative columnist, described Palin’s speech as ‘Bizarro.” He’s not lying. Palin held of recent media attention by claiming victimhood. The rambling speech could not be put […]

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