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Fighter Jets Chase Inebriated Passengers

A Sunwing Airlines flight to Cuba was forced to return to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport Wednesday night. It was reported that two female passengers, thought to be in their mid 20s, went to a lavatory, consumed a bit too much alcohol, lit a cigarette, set off a smoke alarm and then got into a physical [...]

Police said three women flirted with two men who were guests at a Las Vegas hotel, got the men drunk, then ran off with their expensive wristwatches which they hid in their vajayjays. Bryanna Warren, 23; Trinity Kennard, 23; and Charmella Triggs were arrested in connection to an Aug. 17 robbery that took place at [...]

The Spanish fashion chain Zara has apologised after a children’s jumper sparked an international outcry and accusations of anti-Semitism for its resemblance to the striped uniforms Jewish concentration camp inmates were forced to wear during the Holocaust. The shirt, produced in Turkey, was available in Zara’s Israeli, French, Albanian and Swedish online stores but has [...]

There are a million things that you can do if you’re bored; however, attacking your neighbor should not be one of them. Thomas Kevin Shepherd of Oklahoma was arrested after police received complaints that he assaulted his neighbor with a deadly weapon. According to police, Shepherd began reflecting sunlight into his neighbor’s home because he [...]

Police in Marion, Indiana arrested a woman who claimed she had been stabbed by a black man, when an investigation revealed she likely stabbed herself, according to WANE.   On July 29th, officers were called on a report that Kylie Boswell had been stabbed by a man who ran into a nearby cornfield, a claim [...]

The mattress was in the parking lot of a retirement home, and the man was homeless. A PSNI sergeant told a special sitting of the Magistrate’s Court in Derry that he found the convicted sex offender, naked from the waist down, watching porn on a handheld DVD player and having simulated sex with a mattress [...]

Here’s yet another reason for this fad to go away. This guy somehow believes the ice bucket challenge should include a confederate flag. I wonder if he even knows what ALS stand for, other than A Lot Stupid. Now read this:Math Teacher Shows Up Drunk And Keeps Drinking (Aug 15, 2014) ‘Downton Abbey’ Time Warp (Aug [...]

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell says he’s no longer living with his wife but, rather, is living with Wayne Ball, a priest who pleaded guilty in 2002 for having gay sex in a parking lot. McDonnell has testified that his marriage was a “sham” and therefore he could not have colluded with his wife in taking [...]

Ten years doing hard labor in prison seems to be sufficient, says Internet pastor Michael V. Williams. Williams says Christians have been “increasingly tolerant” of gays over the lat 50 years, but that is not a good thing. “Whereas homosexuality used to be a felony in every state — referred to as sodomy — it [...]

Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s widow, Katherine Russell, has remarried and had a baby since she lost her husband following the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, according to one of his sisters. Alina Tsarnaeva confirmed that the baby Tsarnaev’s widow was photographed holding Saturday at Alina and Bella Tsarnaeva’s North Bergen, NJ, home was Russell’s. “Yes, she got [...]

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