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Thanks To The Affordable Care Act, I’m Officially Covered

I’ve told parts of this story before so I’ll mostly skip over the narrative about the why and the how, but since 2005 and for various reasons including a punitively large premium increase, a preexisting condition (back injury) and cash-flow issues due to the Great Recession, I’ve been an unintentional member of the often discussed […]

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary . H.L. Mencken couldn’t have predicted the hysteria generated by the rollout of a plan to insure every American, since we don’t have Single-Payer (government run healthcare).  The fear-mongering from the media has […]

As President Obama and supporters of the Affordable Care Act have been saying, the rate health care spending is slowing down, and it’s at least partly because of Obamacare. The researchers attributed much of the slowed growth rate to several one-time events, including reduced payments to most providers through Medicare because of the Affordable Care […]

The latest Gallup Poll on Obamacare has it with a 41% approval rating, virtually unchanged from the November number or 40%. Although a majority of Americans still disapprove of the health reform law, disapproval has dropped slightly from 55 percent in November to 51 percent in December. It does not appear, however, that the troubled […]

Glenn Kessler at the Washington Post details, looking at whether the sequester or Obamacare does more to reduce the deficit. In Table 1-7, the CBO’s 2013 Budget and Economic Outlook shows that the sequester accounts for roughly $42 billion in deficit reduction in the 2014 fiscal year. (Sequester, a 10-year straight line reduction in discretionary […]

Former Bush II speechwriter Marc Thiessen attacks President Obama in today’s Washington Post for supposedly lying to Americans when he said they could keep their existing health plans: This whole episode is a window into a fundamentally dishonest presidency… Every president faces the challenge of explaining complex policies in simple terms. But the quest for […]

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich gives us a history lesson. While Republicans plot new ways to sabotage the Affordable Care Act, it’s easy to forget that for years they’ve been arguing that any comprehensive health insurance system be designed exactly like the one that officially began October 1st, glitches and all. For as many years […]

Polls have shown that Americans favor the Affordable Care Act over Obamacare by seven or eight points. By now, you would think that they are exactly the same thing. Now read this:Rick Perry: ‘Texans Wanted’ People To Be Uninsured (Feb 12, 2015) Obamacare Supporters Courting Justice Kennedy (Feb 10, 2015) Staples Threatens To Fire Part […]

In the Fox News poll, 8% more people liked the Affordable Care Act than liked Obamacare. In  new CNBC poll, there was a 7%  difference. The problem could be that in the Fox poll, like the CNBC poll, a number or respondents didn’t know what the Affordable Care Act is. First thing: 30 percent of […]

But don’t tell them they’re the same thing. Republican support of President Obama’s healthcare legislation rose by eight percentage points when identified as the Affordable Care Act instead of “Obamacare,” a new Fox News poll has found. Still, support among Republicans for the Affordable Care Act was not all that robust. Just 22 percent of […]

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