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Pushing Gun Safety Laws Plays Into Conservative Hands

Pushing Gun Safety Laws Plays Into Conservative Hands

I am as liberal as they come on almost all issues. Also, I do not own a gun. I don’t like guns. I believe in common sense gun safety laws. That being said, I am an outlier among most liberals. I don’t think we should spend nearly the amount of effort we do on gun [...]

Here’s How We Get Better Gun Regulation

Via Being Liberal   Now read this:Obama Says Muslims Built ‘The Very Fabric Of Our Nation’; Heads Explode (Jul 29, 2014) Pregnant Woman Gets Apparent NYPD Chokehold After Grilling On Sidewalk (Jul 28, 2014) Georgia Likely Congressman-To-Be Says Americans Should Be Able to Own ‘Cannons Bazookas And Missiles’ (Jul 25, 2014) Video: California Man Brags [...]

Liberals’ Favorite Troll Debates Conservative On Guns, Resulting In Civility. Wait, What?

Busta Troll set up a debate to discuss the topic of gun control. Busta is famous for popularizing the Goating of Conservative Facebook pages, so the debate with Deckard from Rowdy Conservatives was interesting because it was completely civil and held in a private setting to keep it that way. The King of morphing Conservative [...]

Officer Who Stomped On Restrained Man’s Face Forced To Turn In Badge, Gun

It’s bad enough that too many civilians who shouldn’t have them, have guns. Some police officers shouldn’t have them either. Or badges. Officer Joel Edouard handed in his gun and badge as part of his modified desk duty assignment, spokesman Sgt. Carlos Nieves told MailOnline. Officers on modified desk duty are ‘assigned to non-enforcement’ responsibilities, [...]

Guns Found At Home Of Philly Hospital Shooter

Two guns were found at the home of a man accused of fatally shooting a case worker and exchanging fire with a doctor at a Philadelphia hospital this past week. The Delaware County District Attorney’s Office said authorities with a search warrant found the handguns Friday night in the home of Richard Plotts, 49, in [...]

UPS Driver Charged With Stealing Dozens Of Guns

On Friday, a California UPS delivery driver was arrested for stealing dozens of shipped guns, then passed them on to another man who  sold on the black market, according to federal prosecutors. 36-year-old Curtis Hays of Rancho Cucamonga, was taken into custody on a federal indictment filed Wednesday in federal court.   According to the [...]

Florida Man Posts Facebook Pix Of Self Pointing Gun At Head Of Cat And Dog

At least this Second Amendmenter isn’t biased. He hates cats and dogs. Southwest Florida investigators are looking into disturbing photos posted online, one of which shows a man holding a cat by it’s “scruff” and pointing a gun at its head. KPHO reports, “The Facebook post, which has been removed, was first reported to the [...]

So Nice For The Children: A Coloring Page of Guns

Just what children need! NOT… I have been researching Christmas line art for Christmas Stockings we make for homeless children. As I scrolled down the categories on this website, I saw these coloring pages listed for the little ones… Such a lovely gift for the child you want to cultivate and an eventual sniper or [...]

NRA: Let’s Make Schoolkids Shoot Guns

The NRA wants children to learn how to shoot guns. The NRA’s Billy Johnson does’t want gun-free zones; he wants “gun-required zones.” Says Johnson: “Gun policy driven by our need for guns would insist that we introduce young people to guns early and that we’d give them the skills to use firearms safely. Just like [...]

Restaurant Owner: ‘Guns Are Welcome’ Sign Has Helped Business

There’s nothing like a warm gun by your side while you’re peacefully dining. And having the ability to bring one to Sharma Floyd’s Shiloh Brew and Chew in Maryville, TN, has been great for business. Floyd told WBIR,  “As the owner, I wanted to stand my ground. I have that constitutional right. If you like it, [...]

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