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At Florida’s ‘Shoot Straight’ Gun Range, Man Accidentally Shoots Himself And A Friend

A man ended up shooting himself and his friend at the “Shoot Straight” gun range in Florida when he tried to unjam a 9mm semi-automatic, according to the police. “One of them, I guess, thought he could teach the other he could shoot,” Sgt Mark Stein said. The man acting as an instructor tried to [...]

In Akron, Ohio on Sunday, protesters against gun violence  gathered, then armed counter-protesters confronted them – or as they would put it, to”‘educate” them. At least one of the female protester’s family members was a victim of domestic violence. The armed Open Carry protesters were not well received.   In the hood in Akron. Open [...]

Open Carry activists held a protest at a Texas-area Whole Foods store on Saturday after finding a sign outside one of the stores which states the store forbids firearms. The protest was about what you probably imagined. There must have been a half dozen of them at the store. I’m being generous. I’m not sure [...]

Open Carry activists are planning a protest at a Whole Foods store on August 30th after finding a sign outside one of the stores which states that firearms are prohibited. The chain store has had a gun ban in place for quite  awhile now so the news has taken awhile to sink into the gun [...]

Owner of Red Jacket Firearms and host of Discovery’s Sons of Guns Will Hayden was recently arrested – and released on bail – after he was accused of molesting his twelve-year-old daughter. Hayden told TMZ his ex-girlfriend filed the charges in retaliation for him ending the relationship. The host of the reality show, which focuses [...]

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s indictment on felony corruption charges means he can no longer carry a concealed weapon under state law. Federal law also prohibits him from being able to buy more guns or ammunition, as long as the indictment is pending, Reuters reported. The 2016 GOP presidential hopeful is an avid gun rights supporter [...]

A Florida police chief is defending the actions of an officer pointing his gun at a car full of black men that happened in February 2013 in Boynton Beach. As one officer pulls one of the young men out of the car and pins him to the ground, another pulls up, draws his weapon, and approaches [...]

In a follow-up on our earlier post about an Open Carry activist who brought a loaded weapon into Kroger with a baby in his arms, let’s take a glimpse into his highly disturbed train of thought. This is how Tyler would handle the border crisis, with children fleeing from violence. Tyler just had a baby [...]

On Monday, a 9-year-old girl accidentally shot and killed 39 year-old firearms instructor Charles Vacca when the girl lost control of the Uzi submachine gun he was supervising her with. The incident was caught on video, the publicized version of which stops just short of the fatal shot. As you can see, Vacca has one [...]

And it happened at a firing range. Spokeswoman Trish Carter said the girl, who was vacationing from New Jersey with her parents, was standing next to the instructor at the time. Mohave County Sheriff Jim McCabe said the girl safely and successfully fired the 9 mm weapon several times when it was set in the [...]

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