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Man Fatally Guns Down 13-Year-Old Boy For Laughing At Him

A 13-year-old boy was shot nine times by a Gary, Indiana, man after he felt the boy was laughing at him. Koby Jone was killed by a neighbor who was upset after his house was burglarized, then became enraged when the teen laughed at him, according to police. Kobe Jones died of multiple gunshot wounds near [...]

After the school shooting in Marysville, Washington, it was only a matter of minutes before “False flag” reports came in and a video was created, then tweeted out. “Doesn’t there always seem to be funny business with these alleged school shootings?,” one site asks. (A DoNotlink was used in order to not benefit the conspiracy [...]

On Thursday, a supermodel had the audacity to Tweet her opinion on gun control following the shooting in Ottawa, Canada, and she was spot on, Now after death threats poured in following her tweet, Chrissy Teigen is leaving Twitter. Teigen’s initial tweet: active shooting in Canada, or as we call it in america, wednesday — christine [...]

A North Carolina woman who was arrested during a raid on a downtown Raleigh nightclub faces additional charges after authorities at the Wake County Detention Center found a gun in her hair weave after her arrest. 32-year-old Tiffanie Lizette Bass was charged on Wednesday with misdemeanor offenses of carrying a concealed weapon and resisting a [...]

Joni Ernst, hog castrator and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Iowa, said during a National Rifle Association event in 2012 that she carries a gun and would use it to defend herself from the government. The Sarah Palin endorsed candidate has used a  gun in one of her ads previously. The newly discovered video [...]

Students at a high school in Nebraska will now be allowed to pose with guns in their senior yearbook portraits as long as they do not brandish them or point the firemarm at the camera. We can’t have the camera injured, now can we? Besides, what kids really need are more guns in schools. The [...]

Welcome to the NRA edition of guns aren’t really guns. You see, Bill Johnson, creator of imbecilic National Rifle Association videos, says he hopes to “Demystify Guns” in their new video because of the many “dust ups” over the new open carry laws, Crooks And Liars reports.   Johnson took on open carry critics, saying, [...]

A Washington man was robbed by an acquaintance with his own gun while trying to sell it to a friend of the acquaintance earlier this month in Mukilteo, according to police. Police say the victim took a ferry to Mukilteo with a 21-year-old acquaintance, who happens to be a convicted felon, in order to sell [...]

For several years now, it’s become abundantly clear that the Republican Party is being, shall we say, puppeteered by the National Rifle Association. The heat of a thousand suns has been hurled at the GOP’s relationship to the Koch Brothers, but the NRA seems to wield greater influence over the party, managing to convince Republican [...]

A newly-created database lists 34,500 New Yorkers too mentally unstable to have guns The database, established in the aftermath of the mass shooting in 2012 at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., and maintained by the state Division of Criminal Justice Services, is the result of the Safe Act. It is an expansive [...]

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