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Who Loses If Pot Is Legalized?

by Thomas Wellborn Who stands to lose if pot is legalized?  I did some simple, preliminary digging and uncovered the usual suspects. Private Prisons Spend Millions On Lobbying To Put More People In Jail Decriminalizing Pot Will Reduce Prison Population, Have No Adverse Impact On Public Safety, Study Says Special Release: Marijuana Arrests For Year 2001 […]

by Thomas Wellborn At this point, I frankly don’t care how Osama bin Laden was taken out. After two horrific wars waged in the wrong countries at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars, I’m thankful to have a president who had what it takes to actually get done what Bush […]

by Thomas Wellborn A large controversy has suddenly emerged over the TSA’s new mandatory security measure implementations within many of the airports around the United States.  I’ve composed a short video synopsis of the numerous conversations and arguments I’ve been seeing in the news and on social media.  Enjoy.

by Thomas Wellborn I have no words… Editor’s note: This person describes himself on his website this way: In case, you do not know me; I am a Buchananite American Conservative. As you already know. We “Paleo-Conservatives” or the “Old Right” have been called everything in the book. While I use the term “Buchananite American […]

by Thomas Wellborn A celebratory Christine O’Donnell stroked her supporters with praise on the night of her climactic win in Delaware’s Republican Senate primary, satisfying her lust for victory.  This leaves no doubt that she has her finger pressed firmly on the pulse of her many supporters’ desires. At the same time, Republican Party leaders […]

by Thomas Wellborn In keeping with the spirit of the days of King George (W), God is apparently still speaking to conservatives, at least in Texas anyway.  “God” has made it very clear to his Republican friends that he wants their campaigns to be strictly anti-gay.  In fact, conservatives are so frightened of this particular […]

by Thomas Wellborn Parents fearful of sexual ambiguity in their unborn children may soon be in luck.  A new drug being tested by Dr. Maria New could be administered to newborns to prevent a rare adrenal gland disorder.  Of course a lifetime regimen of drugs would be required thereafter, the side effects of which may […]

by Thomas Wellborn In an effort to facilitate more transparency between the public and the oil industry, a person claiming to be an oil industry insider, and known only as “dougr” in posting circles, has been lending his alleged (and arguably compelling) expertise on numerous forums dedicated to uncovering as much information and analysis as […]

by Thomas Wellborn Liz Cheney has been sinking her claws into the Obama administration on many issues lately, including current incidents involving Israel and Palestine.  Cheney: “President Obama is contributing to the isolation of Israel, and sending a clear signal to the Turkish-Syrian-Iranian axis that their methods for ostracizing Israel will succeed.” However, on Sunday, […]

by Thomas Wellborn In the wake of months spent ridiculing those who want to see George W. Bush and Dick Cheney investigated for alleged crimes, including torture and preemptive war, Liz  Cheney now decides it’s time for an investigation of Joe Sestak’s White House job offer. As Sam Stein notes: There has been no bigger […]

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